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April 1, 2024 ·  4 min read

Man sues woman for $2.3million for ’emotional trauma’ in Singapore after she refused to be his girlfriend

They had been friends for four years when Mr. K Kawshigan, a drone company D1 Racing director, asked Nora Tan Shu Mei to be his girlfriend. Apparently, things didn’t go too smoothly with Nora rejecting his offer, which led to a bitter feud. This resulted in Mr. Kawshigan deciding to file two separate lawsuits against Nora.

Mr. Kawshigan alleged that her refusing him has caused a massive rift in his business relations, losing five business partners and damaging his ‘stellar‘ reputation. Ms an obviously did the rational thing and counter-sued him. She is seeking compensation for expenses she incurred on upgrading her home’s security and counseling after the incident happened.

Ms. Kawshigan claims that she was forced to install a digital door viewer, an alarm sensor, and a smart video doorbell to protect herself from the man’s advances. She is seeking $1085 in damages from the harasser for the cost of equipment and future counseling.

Mr. Kawshigan who is suing Ms. Tan for $22mil for damages
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Channel News Asia provided some feedback

A magistrates’ court judgment published on January 28 shows that Mr. Kawshigan filed two lawsuits against Ms. Tan after their friendship broke down when she told him that she only saw him as a friend.” They said. He initially sued Ms. Tan for $16,500, claiming that she breached the agreement to improve their relationship. The magistrate’s court threw his claim out, stating that this was purely an abuse of process. The court said “it would not be an accessory to Mr. Kawshigan’s ‘calculated attempt to compel engagement’ from Ms. Tan,” CNA reported.

The desperate Mr. Kawshigan has now taken to sue Ms. Tan for $22,901,270, claiming that she ruined his relationships with former business partners and acquaintances. He also wants compensation for the trauma her rejection of anything more than friendship has caused him. The Singapore High Court listing has noted that the case will be seen on the 9th of February.

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Where did it all start?

The pair originally met in 2016 at the Rotary Club of Bugis Junction, where they were both members. Ms. Tan said all was well until they ‘became misaligned about how they saw their relationship‘. She was open about how she wanted to remain friends, but Mr. Kawshigan refused this and insisted that she was his ‘closest’ friend which made her uncomfortable. This resulted in her asking to set firmer boundaries between them.

Mr. Kawshigan accused Ms. Tan of defamatory conduct which ran the course of June 2019 and December 2020. He claims that there were witnesses who were part of the conversations where she made false allegations against him. She apparently spoke of him harassing her and blocking her way at the entrance of a door. “He is unnecessarily serving court documents to me personally and he has not tried other ways available to him.” Said Mr. Kashigan of him witnessing what she had allegedly said.

She was apparently close to a microphone at the time in 2022 and therefore spoke loudly so that others who knew him heard what was said. This resulted in trauma and depression. He then lost five business partnerships due to the accusations, losing him a major stake in his industry. Which in turn has caused him to struggle to gain new clients.

Ms. Tan denies this in her countersuit

Ms. Tan denied many parts of Mr. Kashigan’s statements, claiming that the friendship simply broke down. They started arguing and finding too many differences between them in that time from 2016 – 2022. This was when she told him that she wished to reduce their interactions and he asked for clarification on what that meant for their ‘relationship.’ She refused mediation requests thereafter.

She said that the man appeared at her residential home in October 2020 with court papers filed against her. Ms. Tan was also contacted by a woman claiming to be his counselor and attended sessions with her and Mr. Kashigan until May 2021. She even participated in ‘healing’ sessions from November 2021 to May 2022.

Mr. Kashigan then escalated matters when she further decided to cut ties with him altogether—angering him into taking drastic measures against her. Ms. Tan was contacted by news teams and Mr. Kashigan’s lawyers thereafter about the case. He even pitched up with a woman in July 2022 at her home, refusing to leave. “Her lawyers are using the ‘fair comment’ defense over her supposedly defamatory comments,” CNA said.

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