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Chantel Brink
February 22, 2024 ·  6 min read

McDonald’s Employee Shares 12 Store Secrets Few People Know

McDonald’s Employee and TikTok personality @motheraangel, also known as Ashton, gained widespread attention nearly a year ago with an intriguing video on “hacking” McDonald’s. She divulged intriguing insights to remember for your next visit to the fast-food chain. Additionally, Ashton shared a useful tip you can simply request a fresh batch of fries. Below, you’ll find the intriguing McDonald’s tips she provided, along with the online community’s reactions to them.

McDonald’s Employee Ashton ‘spills the tea’

This McDonald's employee spilled the tea
Image Credit: @motheraangel TikTok

Never ask for a refund!

If your order gets messed up, don’t request a refund. Instead, always inquire about a complimentary meal card—an excellent offer. With this card, you can select any meal from the menu and customize it to your liking. For instance, you can enjoy a large bacon double quarter pounder meal with a large shake, which happens to be one of the priciest options available, all for free. Remember, the key is never asking for a refund; sometimes, they might even provide you with two free meals.

There is no secret menu according to this McDonald’s Employee

Forget about the “secret menu” myth. The real secret is that you have the freedom to customize any item on the menu to your heart’s content, and we’re more than happy to accommodate your preferences. So go wild, and create that next foodie masterpiece!

In reality, the ice cream machine is operational 99.9% of the time

There are three main reasons why we may claim it’s broken. First, it could be in the midst of a cleaning cycle. The machine undergoes routine cleaning during its scheduled maintenance, and we can’t serve ice cream during this process. Second, it might be in heat mode, which means the ice cream inside is kept warm for specific reasons, making it temporarily unusable.

Lastly, during exceptionally busy and understaffed periods, such as when we have just one person handling the machine, a manager, one or two staff members in the kitchen, and one person at the front counter with a long line of orders, we may opt to temporarily suspend ice cream service until the rush subsides.

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Ashton says the oil in the fryer is changed weekly

Ashton mentioned that “the oil in the fryer gets changed once a week.” According to the information available on the McDonald’s website, the oil is filtered daily and changed “at regular intervals.” It’s important to note that actual practices may vary depending on specific store locations and their adherence to McDonald’s corporate guidelines.

Don’t buy the water! Says this McDonald’s Employee

The water bottle is such a waste of money,” Ashton remarked. Personally, I always opt for the water cup. It’s essentially the same thing… Make’s you think! The same applies at most restaurants – those cute bottles of water are such a scam and cost an arm and a leg!

Cones are cheaper than sundaes and it’s silly because they’re the same size!

A cone is noticeably more affordable than a plain sundae. If you’re looking for a plain sundae, consider ordering a cone and requesting it in a cup. This way, you’ll pay less for the same amount of ice cream, and you’ll still enjoy the pleasure of an ice cream cone.

Want the freshest meat around?

The quarter meat is always fresh; it’s stored in a fridge, not frozen, and we prepare it fresh for each order. So, if you’re craving something freshly made, the quarter pounder is an excellent choice. Moreover, if you’re looking for a fresh meal later in the evening, typically after 10:00 or 11:00 o’clock, everything is cooked to order at that time. So, if you want to savor a fresh meal, consider coming in later during those hours.

There is no ‘fresh fries’ hack

The “life hack” of ordering fries with no salt and then asking for salt at the window to get fresh fries isn’t accurate. Firstly, you can simply request fresh fries, and we’ll make them fresh for you. Secondly, it’s worth noting that we can easily remove the fries from the container and briefly put them back in the fryer for about 5 seconds to remove the salt. So, there’s no need for the no-salt trick to get fresh fries.

If you’re craving cookies and want them to taste their best, don’t hesitate to ask for freshly baked ones. It only takes about 2 minutes, and the difference in taste is remarkable. Freshly baked cookies are absolutely delicious; if they’ve been sitting around for a while, they can become quite hard. So, for the best cookie experience, opt for the freshly made ones.

The app points are dumb

The loyalty points on the mobile app might not be the best way to go. They can seem somewhat pointless and time-consuming. Instead, consider utilizing the rewards that the app offers directly; it often provides a more cost-effective deal. Spending around $16 just to earn enough points for a single Big Mac may not be the most efficient use of your money.

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Did your server make your day? Tip them!

While it might not be officially allowed, please consider tipping your service workers. Even a small gesture like a dollar can genuinely brighten our day. Trust me, tipping matters and is greatly appreciated by those serving you. To think, save one small cup of coffee and help that worker who made your day!

Don’t ask for those extra toppings in McFlurries

Asking for extra Oreos or M&M’s in your McFlurry may not be the most cost-effective choice. The absence of these toppings at the bottom is often due to insufficient mixing. A better approach is to request assistance and ask an employee to thoroughly mix your McFlurry for you. This way, you’ll get a well-blended treat without the added expense. You’re welcome!

The McDonald’s Employee got into some rather hot water

Commenters appear to be impressed with the TikTok user’s skills, possibly assuming they are a dedicated McDonald’s employee based on the video they shared. One comment praised their multitasking abilities, while another commended their speed, kindness, and composure under pressure, suggesting that their employer may not fully recognize these qualities.

A TikToker pointed out the presence of cameras throughout McDonald’s locations, suggesting that this is likely how @motheraangel was discovered filming. They questioned the inconsistency between the prohibition on employees recording themselves at work and the constant surveillance via cameras in the building.

The McDonald's Employee was fired for exposing secrets
Image Credit: @motheraangel TikTok

It’s worth noting that some McDonald’s locations are more lenient regarding employees’ social media use while on the clock. In some cases, employees have created behind-the-scenes videos showcasing how popular menu items are prepared, which have been shared on the app. However, the particular establishment featured in the TikTok video appeared to have stricter rules about TikTok usage, but they now have the support of a large number of viewers who liked their video.

Watch the original video right here

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