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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
April 10, 2024 ·  5 min read

Men are Peeing Wrong, Doctor Says

For generations, moms of boys have had to face a certain challenge that simply doesn’t arise in little girls—teaching them to aim for the potty. Some use Cheerios and have target practice. Some moms insist that it’s a dad’s job to handle. Meanwhile, others will spend an unthinkable amount of time cleaning urine off the walls, floors, and toilets. However, experts now recommend that they also pee sitting down.

Understanding Male Urine Habits

While urologists have spent their whole careers looking into the inner workings of our urinary systems, most people could care less. They simply feel a “got to go” urge and follow up on it. In contrast, YouGov recently released an entire report regarding male urination practices worldwide. Good news for moms of future toddler, and teenage, boys everywhere! Apparently, evidence shows that guys, like their female counterparts, should pee sitting down.

The researchers surveyed more than 7,000 men from 13 countries. Their findings, commonly known, showed the majority of men prefer to stand rather than pee sitting down. Actually, in some places like Singapore the number of men standing to pee is so high, that only around 5% of men pee sitting down. This is mostly cultural; take Germany for instance, there, men who pee sitting down have been called “Sitzpinkler” or someone who is less masculine. However, that has changed in recent years.

Now, there are signs in restrooms all over Germany urging men to pee sitting down. In fact, the scale has shifted so immensely that around 40% of German men admit they prefer to pee sitting down. Another country with a large number of men who prefer to pee sitting down is Australia, with at least 25% of men preferring to pee sitting down.

Men Should Pee Sitting Down

In response to the survey, Dr. Gerald Collins explained that it’s actually better for men to pee sitting down. Dr. Collins is a urological surgeon at the Alexandra Hospital in Cheshire, England. He attended the University College Cork in Ireland before training in General Surgery both in England and Scotland. His extensive medical background didn’t stop there because he eventually found his calling studying urology.

The medical expert went on to research at Edinburgh University and The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA. Obtaining his MD, he now specializes in male bladder health, and prostate cancer. Dr. Collins is an expert in his field and discloses there are actually a few reasons that men should pee sitting down.

Reasons men may need to pee sitting down


Unsurprising to most women, especially having shared a bathroom with their male counterparts, it’s more sanitary and hygienic for men to pee sitting down. Men will no longer have to aim, and in some cases, miss the toilet. Furthermore, because there is a shorter distance for the urine to travel, it won’t splash back quite as much.

Certain Health Conditions

Conditions such as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia are some of the most common reasons it’s now suggested that men should pee sitting down. The condition is a noncancerous tumor that causes an enlarged prostate, something Dr. Collins explains is very common as men age. However, there are times when the enlarged prostate is not benign or, the result of cancer. Regular screenings and open communication with your primary care provider are highly recommended when addressing either possibility.

Overall Bladder Health

Dr. Collins also discloses that when people pee sitting down, their pelvic and spinal muscles are “completely relaxed,” helping to ensure ease while attempting to fully empty the bladder. Doing so can help prevent UTIs, cystitis, bladder stones, and other urine-related health issues.


Another reason it might make sense for men to pee sitting down is because of mobility issues. Some men may suffer from disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, or Cerebral Palsy. The aforementioned conditions cause a loss of muscle control, meaning one may struggle to stand for long periods of time, or at all. Other conditions that may impact mobility include aging or obesity.

Research Backs the Claims

Dr. Collins isn’t the first urologist to discover the benefits for men to pee sitting down. Researchers were looking into the matter of why men should pee sitting down all the way back in 2014. Interestingly, the results of the study matched Dr. Collins’ recommendation. Another study published, also in 2014 by Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands found evidence to prove that peeing sitting down does, in fact, help fully expel all the urine from the bladder. However, this isn’t the first case of deciphering whether men should pee sitting down or standing up. In 1883, the first medical description was penned by English medical officer Raglan W. Barnes regarding an observation he made. He noted that there must be a correlation between the “Indian population,” a “high prevalence of bladder stones,” and “their voiding position.”

The Bringham Young University’s Splash Lab also conducted its own experiment in 2014, providing some hints regarding the “optimal position” for urination. If you should choose to stand or have limited space so, standing is the only option; they suggest not aiming directly for the water. Interestingly, the same advice is often given regarding shooting hoops in basketball, don’t aim for the basket. They also divulge that “Closer is cleaner,” aiming straight should be avoided but aimed at a slight angle.

Whether it’s to prevent future health concerns, ease current health concerns, or prevent making a mess, the new trend of men choosing to pee sitting down will most certainly be appreciated by women everywhere.

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