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Leah Berenson
June 6, 2024 ·  5 min read

Michael Jackson’s ‘real’ voice exposed and strange motive revealed for ‘faking’ soft tone

Arguably one of the most influential musical artists of all time, few people have never heard the name Michael Jackson. While most people know of his catchy music, it’s seemingly lesser known that he actually faked his voice in public.

Growing Up into Stardom

Often referred to as the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Indiana. When he was around only ten years of age, he and some of his siblings were recognized for their musical talents, as part of The Jackson 5. They signed with Motown Records in 1969 and went on to release 4 consecutive number 1 hits. Although things seemed promising for Michael Jackson and his siblings, something drastic changed in 1975. The group left Motown Records to sign with Epic Records, leaving Jermaine Jackson behind. Changing their name to The Jacksons, Michael and 3 of his siblings were joined by their youngest brother. Randy was recruited by their father to replace Jermaine.

Unsurprisingly, for Michael and his family, fame and fortune created tension among their family. However, they continued to perform successfully until the mid-1980s. Janet Jackson ventured out on her own, once again breaking up the family of performers. Also, Michael Jackson began performing a solo career around that time.

Most of the general population is familiar with Michael Jackson and his controversial life in the spotlight. He was publicly accused of child molestation. He also married multiple times. Last but not least, his death announcement went public, with many speculating it wasn’t an accident. Many films have been made documenting the life and struggles of Michael Jackson and his siblings. People who knew him personally, including his physician, have claimed he took extreme measures in order to sleep at night. Additionally, it’s now known that he and his siblings were abused by their father. It’s thought that many of his experiences with his father may have played a crucial role in Michael’s eccentric behaviors.

Michael Jackson’s Bizarre Secret

Although most of this is widely known, many facts about Michael Jackson’s life are lesser known to the public, including how his voice actually sounded. Michael Jackson was known for his ability to both dance and sing, with an incredible ability to hit astonishingly high notes. His voice during interviews and in the public eye, often reflected his high pitch notes. However, a 1997 video clip has resurfaced over the years, shocking fans upon hearing his actual voice.

In fact, people are so shocked and alarmed by the pop star’s deep voice that they went on a deep dive to find as much evidence as possible. A handful of viral videos have shown that Michael Jackson’s voice is significantly deeper than he originally led fans to believe. In contrast, it seems that many who knew him personally were less than surprised by the revelation of his voice changing. Close friends, like Liza Minelli, have confirmed that Michael Jackson’s voice was much different than previously believed by his adoring fans.

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Abuse May be the Cause

Interestingly, Michael Jackson never touched on the topic prior to his death. Whether it was because he was ashamed, or it simply never came up, the detail was only addressed by Michael’s physician, Conrad Murray, a few years after the singer’s infamous death. Although Conrad Murray was ultimately charged with “involuntary manslaughter,” he and Michael Jackson were very close to one another. So close that Michael Jackson often referred to the physician as his confidant and would call him, almost nightly, for help getting to sleep. In a 2016, self-published book, Murray disclosed that although he’d been sworn to secrecy, the singer did in fact confide to Doctor Murray the reason his voice has been so distorted.

Jackson’s siblings have, in recent years, been candid about their childhood, what it was like growing up in the spotlight, and how their father’s harsh demands negatively impacted their mental health. As it turns out, Michael Jackson spoke in a high-pitched tone in public but had a much deeper voice because of hormone therapy. Michael had a beautiful voice as a child, able to reach incredibly high notes. However, as he grew older, his voice became much deeper. As a result, his father forced him to use hormone injections as a teenager.

While this explains his voice, according to Conrad Murray, it also explains his eccentricity and challenges in finding restful nights. It’s unknown why he chose this, but Liza Minelli and friend David Gest speculate it’s because he wanted to “protect himself” from the hurt and bullying he’d undergone throughout his life.

Michael Jackson’s Many Secrets

Although some details are less impactful than others, countless facts about his life seem less known. Michael Jackson had a deeper voice than adoring fans knew about, and he also had special patented shoes to help the performer with his iconic dance moves.

It’s no secret that Michael Jackson had a series of plastic surgery procedures. Alternatively, the reason isn’t widely known amongst the general public. In 1979, he was in an accident and fell during a dance rehearsal, breaking his nose. The procedures that would come in the following years resulted from having difficulty breathing.

September 11, 2001, was a life-changing event for the entire US. However, for Michael Jackson, that’s the day he narrowly escaped death. It turns out he was scheduled to have a meeting at one of the Twin Towers. However, he overslept, missing the meeting and deadly explosions.

Amazingly, President Regan awarded the popstar a humanitarian award for several contributions, including providing relief to war victims and shedding light on the AIDS epidemic.

Michael Jackson had a tumultuous life full of magic and mishaps. However, he seemingly lived his life by his own rules while trying to influence the world for the better.

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