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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 3, 2024 ·  2 min read

Military Sleep Technique Allows You To Fall Asleep Wherever You Are In Minutes

Falling asleep can sometimes be quite a chore. Often there are times when we want to fall asleep due to being exhausted, but we still manage to stay awake. As it stands, the internet has several tips, all the way from counting sheep to putting on an eye mask. But the best tip of the lot- based on actual experience- is the military sleep technique.

This technique apparently works in just a couple of minutes for those who require a quick shut-eye. Needless to say, if this works as advertised, it would be a huge boon to those who are forever looking at the clock’s ticking, cursing at the limited amount of sleep they will get. 

The military sleep technique first became recognized in 1981 when it was published by the US Army in their book Relax and Win: Championship Performance. Now, if soldiers who would have to sleep on pretty unconventional terrain have managed to sleep through such a technique, there should be absolutely no way that it doesn’t work on someone sleeping in their own bed. Nevertheless, this isn’t some fast-acting medication. So it might take some practice before they have truly inculcated in their system. Nearly 96% of those who tried this technique out claimed it worked pretty well after six weeks of practice. 

The Military Sleep Technique Will Help One Fall Sleep Under 2 Minutes

The military sleep technique has three very easy physical steps. First, one would have to relax the facial muscles, including the tongue, jaw, and the muscles around one’s eyes. After that, they would have to lower their shoulders and arms- but it is highly imperative that they do it one side at a time. And finally, they need to breathe out while relaxing their chest, after which they would relax their thighs and legs, one side at a time. 

The next step is actually where the practice comes into place. It takes about 10 seconds to clear their mind, and there are three separate scenarios that one can choose from. 

The first mental trick would be to imagine one lying in a canoe with nothing but the blue sky upon them. If this doesn’t seem to work, one can also imagine themselves lying in a completely dark room on a velvet hammock. And if that leads to more thoughts, constantly asking yourself not to think should do the trick. After this, sleep should come easy.

According to the NHS, one must sleep for around seven to eight hours every night to function at their best during the day. But since sleep deprivation is real and we all know its effects, the military sleep technique is the best option for those who simply can’t fall asleep.

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