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Jade Small
November 7, 2023 ·  4 min read

15 Mindblowing Facts We Learnt Last Week

Life is strange, but sometimes we underestimate just how weird and wonderful it really can be. W have compiled a list of phenomenons pertaining to health, food, and general lifestyle. Get ready for some mindblowing information that you may never have imagined yourself thinking of.

1. Change your brown eyes to blue!

Image credit: Pexels

Some people are born with miraculous blue eyes that catch everyone’s attention. It can make the brown-eyed folk feel a little left out. But science has shown there is a way to change the color of your eyes. Brown eyes are actually blue underneath, and there are laser procedures one can do to take the brown away.

2. Biting nails isn’t as bad as we thought

Image credit: Pixabay

Biting your nails might be perceived as gross or unhygienic. But, the next time your friends tell you to stop, show them this article. According to research, those who bite their nails have stronger immune systems because of germ exposure.

3. Interesting perspective on the human body

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Many people donate their bodies when they pass away to medical and science research. This someone had their veins and blood vessels out on display. Doing something good for humanity, even in death.

4. Death to melanoma

Image credit: Twitter

Did you know that Bob Marley died because he would not amputate his toe? His doctors told him he had developed melanoma underneath a toenail. His religious beliefs prevented him from amputating his toe, and the melanoma spread to his lungs and other regions of his body. He died four years after the diagnosis, at 36 years old.

5. The lefty-whopper

Image credit: Unbelievable Facts | iFunny

Did you know that Burger King once introduced a burger that was allegedly designed for left-handed folk? It’s true. Although, Burger King said the only difference was swapping the condiments by 180 degrees. That’s right, this was released on April Fool’s day.

6. Do you want sleepy milk?

Image credit: pexels

Studies have shown that milking a cow at night gives you different milk than if you milked them during the day. Night-time milking makes you sleepy. In contrast, daytime milking provides energizing milk.

7. Dogs and laughter

Image credit: Pexels

Did you know that your dog knows when you are laughing? Dogs may not laugh themselves. But, they have lived as our companions for so long that they understand our laughter.

8. Our tastebuds disappear as we grow older

Image credit: Pexels

When we are born, we have about 30,000 taste buds in our mouths. This is why babies get those amazed expressions on their faces when eating yummy foods. As we grow, those taste buds start disappearing. Most adults only have 10,000 taste buds.

9. Modified Brussel sprouts

Image credit: pexels

Many people will remember their grandparents trying to force-feed them brussels sprouts at family dinners. The bitter taste left lasting memories in their childhoods, which was enough to put them off forever. But, Dutch scientist Hans van Doorn discovered where the bitter taste comes from. They started cross-pollinating the vegetable to make them more palatable and less bitter. Now, brussels sprouts are a trending vegetable to incorporate into your recipes.

10. Your lips and your anus are one and the same

Image credit: Pexels

Our lips have the same type of skin found on our anus. This might seem completely bizarre. Because it is, but it is also completely true. The skin on our lips and anuses is called mucosa.

11. Chickens talk to their unhatched chicks

Image credit: Pexels

Ever seen soon-to-be fathers whispering sweet nothings to their pregnant partner’s belly? Well, the practice is not limited to human beings. Chickens also talk to their unhatched chicks with low-resonating coos. Sometimes, you might even hear the chicks peeping back from inside their shells.

12. Love eating?

Image credit: Pexel

Do you love food? Maybe you noticed your affection for eating goes a little further than the average human. Or, a lot further. You may have a condition called “phagomania.” This is when a person has an unhealthy obsession with food and eating.

13. Meet the world’s oldest gamer

90-year-old Hamako Mori from Japan was the world’s oldest Youtube game streamer. She enjoyed streaming games for 40 years. Even the Guinness Book of Records was impressed as she has an official entry.

14. Turning orange

Image credit: Pexels

The makers of Sunny-D used to color the drink orange using the same stuff found in carrots, beta-carotene. One little girl was drinking up to 1.5 liters of Sunny-D per day. Then, her skin turned a shade of orange.

15. Leave the lefties alone

Image credit: Pexels

Some parents with left-handed kids feel it necessary to train them to use their right hands. However, studies have shown this is not conducive to their development. It has adverse effects like triggering dyslexia, and they might develop a stutter.

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