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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
December 30, 2023 ·  5 min read

The ‘Cherubs From Hell’ Are The World’s Most Body-Modified Duo

To some people, body modifications are a lifestyle. They understand the need to tattoo and change their body. But to others, it can often be a reason for outrage. An individual, who has been modifying his body for years, has been referred to as a demon by his neighbors. Is that warranted? Definitely not.

Today, we have the story of the “Cherubs from Hell”– a couple that has the record of receiving the most body modifications. The couple has over 14 implants, 50 piercings, and a forked tongue between them.

The ‘Dreaded Cherubs From Hell’- 80 Body Modifications Between Them!

Victor Hugo Peralta and his wife Gabriel are both huge tattoo addicts. They have also gone through several extreme surgeries to modify how they look. Victor has also described himself as a “beautiful monster”. Victor is a circus performer from Uruguay, while his wife hails from Argentina. They have been married for close to 20 years and they both love body art. But one needs to remember, modifying one’s body comes at a cost. 

One of the most painful body modification that Victor went through was when he tried tattooing the end of his penis. But even then, he believes the pain to be manageable. However, he feels that his entire world was crashing around him when he got his tongue pigmented.

Victor Hugo Peralta (Right) and Gabriel (Left)
Image Credits: Jam Press

He said, “That was very annoying and painful and made it difficult to breathe for a few hours.” Apart from being a circus artist, he is also a talented tattoo artist. In 2020, he stated, “From a very young age, I was attracted to colorful art. At the age of 13, I got my first tattoo, which was the word f*** on the fingers of my left hand, and I did it myself. These days I don’t have so many piercings. I had around 40 on my face a long time ago, but my favorite was the septum.”[1]

Any form of body modification takes a long time to go through. One needs to plan and strategize how one would go about it. The couple from Uruguay have not been strangers to it. The couple has worked with close to eighty artists all over the world in order to achieve their goals. Currently, the couple’s or, rather, Victor’s new project, is getting the number 666 planted into his skin.

The number six is a portion of the larger piece 666, which will have something to do with the beast’s number. Only the number six has any significance for me. I dp the three six because I despise religious people and don’t care about what they do; as a result, I do it in defiance of the church.

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Body Modification Galore- The Story of The Devil

They are, by no means, alone in their taste for body modifications. For example, there is a dad in Brazil who is called a “demon” because of them!

The man’s choice of expressing himself may be different, but that is no reason to ostracize. The 28-year-old dad has had a split tongue, tattooed eyeballs, and several devil horns over the years. And luckily, Pedro Kenso- the ‘demon in question’- has no desire to listen to his neighbors. 

Pedro Kenso's face through the years.
Image Credits: Jam Press

This individual from Brazil has spent loads of cash on every single body modification. The process started back in 2017 when he removed one of his nipples- painful! Currently, the man has truly changed himself. He has a load of silicone implanted straight to his head. He also had devil horns screwed on his head to actually look like the Devil. Regarding his appearance towards others, Kenso is quite a calm individual:

“When I go outside people do judge and criticize me. Some call me a demon and others get scared. But I’m a very calm person. I have faith in God. When I go to the supermarket people are super amazed and polite.”[2]

Currently, Kenso has over 70% of his body tattooed. He continued by stating:

“When I did the tongue fork. I didn’t feel pain or anything. I used to have pointy elf ears but I didn’t like it. I wanted something more aggressive so I cut them off.” 

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Other Body Modifications That Would Spark Your Interest

What unites every artist with body modifications? Judgment from others. Victor mentions, “Many individuals disagree with this way of life and condemn it because they don’t understand other people’s tastes; these folks are usually elderly and hold prejudices or religious views. I don’t let it bother me, and I don’t listen to them.

The Human Dragon
Image Credits: Jam Press | Mark Laita

Interestingly, if one were to peruse any social media platform, they would come across many with body modifications. One could definitely remember the non-binary ‘human dragon’- who spent $83,500 on modifications. One would also remember the tattoo artist who widened his nose and implanted tusks to look like an Orc. There has been an instance of someone removing his nose and middle finger to look like Satan.[3]

What links them is that they have their own modes of expression. If they want to express themselves through body modifications, it is their call. No one should have the right to make them feel bad. As the saying goes, ‘live and let live.’

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