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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 31, 2023 ·  3 min read

Horribly Sexist Things That Show How Messed Up Our Society Is To Women

Women experience sexist things almost daily.

Since the very beginning, we have been told that men and women are different. For centuries women have been viewed as a mere accessory to men, and in the meantime, women have been struggling just for basic rights. Only in the past 100 or so years have we received the right to vote, own property, drive or even file for divorce. We have come a long, but there is still much work to do. The wage gap between men and women varies from country to country, with Iceland, Sweden, Finland, and Rwanda in the top spots for the smallest gap and Turkey, Egypt, and Nigeria in the bottom with the widest gap.

Firstly, the difference in pay is hardly the biggest problem faced by every woman. Unfortunately, sexist things and prejudice against women are deeply rooted in the patriarchal hierarchy we have created. Simply existing near a certain kind of man can make any woman feel uncomfortable, even unsafe. Young girls are taught early on that they have a role to fulfill and that if he pulls your pigtails, it means he likes you. Furthermore, a toxic and antiquated idea like that grows into actions, and we find ourselves participating in a game we don’t like where no one is having fun.

Women know what they go through daily, and men need to open their eyes to see it. Yes, not all men are awful, but enough to make many women feel uncomfortable or unsafe. The amount of sexist things women endure is no laughing matter.[1]

This list of sexist things will show you what we mean


When a girl says, “I have a boyfriend,” any man who was interested in her will stop in his tracks because he will only respect the “property” of another man but not acknowledge the woman herself.

As children, girls are told that the boys mature slower than them and should make allowances for them. The boys were never told that girls mature faster than boys and they should look to them as examples of intelligence and leadership. Sexist things start at a young age.


Got the point? No?

Men have been socially conditioned into believing that women must be
positive and friendly at all times and when she is not as he expects, she is considered rude. Another one of those sexist things women are expected to live with.

Sexist things come in many shapes and forms. Men do not understand why ‘daddy issues’ is an insult to women when it is the men who have failed as fathers and woman explain that it is the same as dragging a single mother for being the one who stayed with the child.

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Have you ever seen a man place his hand on another man’s lower back to move past him in a crowd? No, because it doesn’t happen. Another one of the many sexist things women experience all the time.


When men complain about not being able to climax with a condom on, most women would reply that they wouldn’t be able to get there at all—one of life’s many subtle sexist things.

So, can someone please explain this because I don’t understand?

Also, there are no female authors or female racing car drivers. They are
just authors and racing drivers. “good for a girl” is a mindset that
needs to end.

Men are made uncomfortable by menstruation because they are


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