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People Reveal the Jobs That Might Be Way Overpaid

Getting jobs have been tougher than ever with the whole pandemic situation. Fortunately, though, the economy in many parts of the world is gradually recovering. However, some jobs earn a surprising amount of money for the work that goes into doing them. For those who live paycheck to paycheck and toil their hearts out, these jobs are understandably frustrating.

That’s why this Reddit post from u/PeterPuffer4Life is so intriguing. It brought up the very important question: “What job/profession is overpaid?” The internet seems to have very clear ideas about who they think do not really deserve the salary. While these are merely the opinions of some Reddit users, some of these are pretty interesting. Here are some of the top answers.


1. Estate Agents

Image Credits: mohamed_hassan | Pixabay

Estate agents or real estate brokers do not require a very high level of educational qualification. What the job needs are good salesman skills. Even though the job might be lucrative, this Redditor from the UK has had a bad experience with estate agents:


“I’ve been trying to rent a house (UK) for 5 months now, during which time I’ve spoken to over 50 estate agents.

I’m yet to receive a helpful, let alone grammatically correct email”

– highlevelsofsalt

2. Famous Actors

Acting is one of the most popular, and most difficult occupations out there. It is also one of the most unstable. But one person who has personal experience in the industry is of the opinion that 2 months’ work should not be getting worth millions:


“I’m sorry but I just don’t see why anyone needs to earn 25million+ for two months worth of work.

 And I’ve worked in both film and theatre and understand all that goes on to make productions, just seems crazy to me.

Great work if you can get it.”

– DiintheShire

3. CEOs

The Chief Executive Officer is supposed to be the most important figure in a company, and their salaries are usually a testament to that. But it might make you think how much actual work they do, though, as per this comment:


“Every one I’ve worked with pretty much just sends out emails, attends meetings, and throws out a “Hmmm, yes, this seems very important” with a serious look on their face. Like they’re supposed to “guide” the company but most of the time that realistically looks like them asking other smarter people for advice, signing off on it, and then getting people who actually know wtf they’re doing to apply that advice.

It’s weird how much CEOs are idolized and paid in American society for how little value they actually add to a company compared to the people doing all the technical work.”

– ur_boy_skinny_penis

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4. Liability Attorneys

rows of law books
Image Credits: Joergelman | Pixabay

Settling liabilities in court pays a lot, no matter how big or small the case is. This comment fails to see why the occupation deserves such a huge salary:


“I’ve scrolled down quite a way, and I can’t believe nobody has nominated liability attorneys.

They collect huge hourly fees or commissions and don’t do anything productive.

They just move money from one party to another.”

– dryheat122

5. Influencers

Influencers, ok, this is one of the most debated occupations in the current generation. Opinions are divided over why they should be earning so much when most of the time they only make an example of luxurious lifestyles. But, an even bigger problem is how successful influencers never talk about how difficult it is to get the money:


“In a way. Many are presenting a completely false lifestyle. I had a conversation with someone who wanted to be an influencer. Had a moderate following and may well have been able to grow it to decent numbers with a bit of work, but they were totally delusional about the commercials of the whole thing.

Fact is, apart from a small few at the top, the vast majority of influencer stuff is peppered with “promotion for exposure”, sh**ty CPA stuff and grimy white labelling. The person I was speaking to was adamant that “brands just approach you” without having any understanding of how marketplaces work.

I’m not sure ruin my own private life to squeeze a few quid from an unsustainable business in the hope I get incredibly lucky and make it to the top.”

– TrashbatLondon

6. Football Coaches

Footballers huddle
Image Credits: KeithJJ | Pixabay

Sports is another very glamorous occupation, along with its wages as well. However, even if the players’ careers last for a decade, the careers of staff can be long-lasting. And for integral staff like managers, the salary is pretty high:


“The highest paid state employee in Michigan is the University of Michigan’s football coach.

I think he made $7.5 million in a recent year.

I’m willing to coach the team to a loss against Ohio State every year for half that.”

– SturgeonBass

7. This Guy’s Job

The surprising job that came out on the list was one that no one knew about, not even the one who works it! There were quite a few comments like this that made us feel envy them:


“I have been working for three years and I’m not entirely sure what I do.

Sometimes I write code. Mostly I sit in meetings where I say nothing. But I work for the government so I’m pretty safe from being fired or let go.

Definitely the most I’ve ever been paid for the least work.”

– CheckShoveTheRiver

Unless going big is one of your life’s most important goals, this job sounds like the best one out there. But the only problem is, no one seems to know what exactly it is. We suppose, sometimes, life just has these sort of fortunate situations.

Be that as it may, are you employed as any of the above? If you do, do you think you are overpaid? If you don’t which jobs do you think should feature here? Let us know in the comments below!

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