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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
March 29, 2024 ·  3 min read

Riskiest Place to go on Holiday Next Year has been Revealed

Going on a holiday is one of the best feelings there is. Seeing a new place, exploring a new culture, and trying new foods is a great way to learn about different parts of the world. While many parts of the world are inviting and exciting, there are some holiday destinations that are considered dangerous.

Experts on Holiday Destinations

Established in 1985, the international SOS was founded to “deliver international standards of healthcare and emergency medical assistance to the wider expatriate community”. The organization has helped saved thousands of lives since its opening and are experts in global health and safety concerns.

Explaining the Data

By using global data on a range of topics such as terrorism threats, Covid protocols, and the population’s overall mental health, International SOS has deciphered the most dangerous places for holiday destinations in 2023. They’ve also added a color-coded map so travelers can get a visual of how high or low the safety concerns are for the areas they may be considering for their holiday destinations. The color-coded key explains and defines the risk analysis for both medical and security concerns.

Riskiest Holiday Destinations

Unsurprisingly, the map shows the most significant changes in Ukraine from 2021 to now. According to the official government website, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office advises against all travel to Ukraine. The website states, “The Russian invasion of Ukraine is ongoing, with attacks against a number of major cities, including Kyiv. Several towns and cities in southern and eastern Ukraine are temporarily under Russian control. There is a real risk to life.” Since Russia invaded Ukraine there has been a high number of reports regarding military activity, thus far no reports include radiation release. However, tensions are high, and officials recommend removing Ukraine from your list of possible holiday destinations.

Although there are still several European countries that have low safety risks, the territory between Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Romania, and Moldova are all lit up in red meaning they are high risk factors. As a result, Government officials warn that avoiding travel in that region is the safest choice you can make while planning your holiday destinations.

Safest Holiday Destinations

In contrast, the safest European countries are Norway, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Switzerland and Iceland. They report to have virtually little to no safety risks. According to reports, “Security and emergency services are effective and infrastructure is sound. Transport services are of a high standard with good safety records and only occasional travel disruption. Industrial action affecting essential services is rare.”

Why They’re Risky

The countries that are categorized as “extreme risk,” you absolutely want to count them out as possible holiday destinations. In the case of Yemen, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, they are categorized as the riskiest places for foreign travelers. This is because “Government control and law and order may be minimal or non-existent across large areas. Serious threat of violent attacks by armed groups targeting travelers and international assignees. Or government and transport services are barely functional and large parts of the country are inaccessible to foreigners.”

We all want the best for our families, but we also want to be happy together and make lasting memories. When making plans for holiday destinations, it’s helpful to stay informed of current events. Educate yourself on not only the culture, but the overall well-being of the country or region you plan to visit. This will help you understand poverty levels, crime rate, and other factors such a government authority or widespread health concerns.

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