Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
January 4, 2024 ·  3 min read

Samsung Has Made A Giant 219-Inch TV Called ‘The Wall’ And It’s Incredible

Bigger and bigger TV screens are being developed but none can compete with a movie theater. Until now. Samsung’s new television, called “The Wall,” is a 219-inch TV. Not only is its screen enormous, but it also has a display technology called MicroLED, which Samsung believes will become “the screen of the future”. However, the company has yet to put a price tag on this Goliath, so don’t clear space for it just yet. [1]

Samsung’s New 219-inch TV

What makes MicroLED so special is that this technology can create a display up to a thousand inches big, a 16K resolution (15,360 x 2,160-pixels), and a 120Hz refresh rate. In more common terms, the images on display are supposed to look sharper, clearer, and more dynamic.

The Wall is in a class of its own, exhibiting spectacular visuals that make a bold statement in any business or luxury living environment,” said Samsung’s website. “Unrivaled picture quality delivers the ultimate viewing experience, while easy installation and management make operating The Wall effortless.” [2]

The Wall is composed of black panels that could be scaled to suit the space and needs of the buyer. For instance, that means that areas with specific or unique shapes could benefit from this model. While many people just to TV and movies when they think of screens, Samsung also envisions “The Wall” as a means to display art. Instead of a dead black screen when turned off, the screen could show off art or even camouflage itself by displaying the texture and color of the wall behind it. Remember, this 219-inch TV has no frame of any kind — unlike most TVs — so it could blend easily into the room.

The customizable UX allows users to create a Feature Wall when the screen is turned off by choosing a picture, painting or piece of framed art that best suits their tastes,” a release from Samsung says. “Alternatively, a wide variety of premium wall materials, finishes, and other décor options are available.[3]

Price Not Available

Additionally, this 219-inch TV isn’t being marketed for just unbelievable home-viewing experiences. They advertise it for:

  • businesses
  • automotive companies
  • corporate boardrooms
  • government offices
  • healthcare clinics
  • hospitality lobbies
  • retail storefronts

And with the price per panel not publicly available, the mental image of the best home theater ever may not be realistic. Nevertheless, Samsung released a more consumer-friendly option of a 75-inch model that contains all of the new and improved display technology. It remains to be seen if this technology will become the future of TV screens.

Largest TV in the World

Believe it or not, Samsung’s 219-inch TV is not the biggest one in the world. That award goes to the 370-inch screen called “The Zeus” from Titan Screens. And that TV is massive — as in four elephants with two stacked on each other massive. It also costs over about $1.6 dollars. Like The Wall, The Zeus uses inter-connecting panels. According to Anthony Ganjou, Titan’s CEO, “Every install we do is different, as these do not fit in most rooms.”

Enormous TV screens that cost a million are more niche products. Therefore, Titan Screens has only produced four versions of The Zeus. However, you may be surprised to hear they have already sold two to clients who seem to enjoy the large and outlandish. “Recently we had an inquiry from a client to work out a way to mount a Titan onto his ceiling, dropping vertically in free space,” Ganjou said.

Somewhat surprisingly, the company wasn’t aiming for a world record. “This isn’t a gimmick product,” Ganjou said. “That being said… if a client requested an official certificate for their wall we would obviously arrange for an adjudicator to judge the TV in situ, and make it official, free of charge.[4]

Perhaps 219-inch TVs — or 370-inch TVs — will become the standard size of home screens in the future. We could only hope.


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