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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
March 4, 2024 ·  4 min read

Man Travelled Around the World Impregnating Women, Plans to Father 2,500 Children

We all know where babies come from. However, most of us don’t think about the difficulties, or costs, associated with becoming pregnant. Some couples can have sex and get pregnant the old-fashioned way. However, other couples overcome many more hurdles and may require some help from IVF hormones or a sperm donor. A man from the US, who goes by the name of Joe Donor on his Facebook page, has been on a mission to father 2,500 children.

Sperm Donor Offers His Services

A 50-year-old man from Vermont has concealed his real name and begun going by the name Joe Donor. He’s offered his services to women everywhere, explaining he doesn’t want to make a profit. He simply asks the women to cover his travel expenses. The sperm donor estimates that about 50 percent of children have been conceived due to sexual encounters. Meanwhile, the other half has been a result of artificial insemination.

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Since arriving in the UK in September I have met up with about 15 women. Most of them don’t want to have sex, because they say it causes too many issues in their relationship, or they’re lesbians. But it’s more effective when it’s natural. I’d say about three of those women I have met I’ve had sex with, and two of those are pregnant. But not everyone reports back and lets me know if they’re expecting.” the sperm donor explained.

The sperm donor is currently living in the UK but has offered his services since 2008. In that time, he claims to have fathered more than 100 children. Having traveled across the US, Argentina, Italy, Singapore, and The Philippines, as well as different parts of the UK. He shared, “Since my time in the UK I have travelled to Wales, Hull, Birmingham, Portsmouth and Kent.”

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He says that he wants to impregnate as many women as possible and hopes to one day reach the goal of 2,500 children. Furthermore, he explains a benefit of using his services, “I have babies all over the world and although people always worry over incestual issues that is a concern for clinics because mothers and children never meet their donors.”

Going the Extra Mile

Joe went on to share, “I meet mothers in person when donating, and I am happy to meet any child at any time and keep in touch with mothers who want to keep in touch, so that everyone knows of half-siblings, and this problem has never happened with me or any other private sperm donor. I love seeing photos of the babies when they’re born as a lot of them do look like me. I don’t financially gain from providing my sperm to women, I just enjoy helping people.”

The sperm donor has plenty of free time, so he is always available, explaining, “Luckily I run a few online businesses so I’m always available and can provide sperm whenever they’re ovulating.”

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Women who struggle to get pregnant may have invested thousands of dollars into IVF treatments. These treatments are costly and sometimes invasive. As a result, Joe Donor has offered his services for significantly lower rates. He also offers a variety of transmission options. He now gets an opportunity to travel the world, have no strings attached sex with a multitude of women, and help couples everywhere fulfill their dreams of having a family.

Establishing an Entire Organization

It turns out he may not be the only sperm donor on a mission to father a bunch of kids. Adam Hooper has not only fathered several of his own children, but he has also created a global organization connecting potential families with perspective sperm donors. According to Hooper, it’s a booming and growing industry with members located in Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines, the UK, and the U.S. There are nearly 22,000 American members and more than 15,000 Australian members.

One of the biggest upsides to the sperm donor avenue is avoiding the invasive and costly treatments from a medical clinic, having an opportunity to know where the donation came from, and the chance to get to know the sperm donor in advance.

Hopping on the Bandwagon

Another man named Clive Jones also claims to have fathered more than 100 children. He said that he’s been so successful he no longer advertises his services and instead meets women through word of mouth or “referral.” He also doesn’t charge women for his service, explaining “I do it for free, though sometimes I ask for a bit of petrol. It’s illegal to charge and doesn’t seem right to take money when I have more than them.”

Although STDs can become rampant in a situation like this, it does offer many benefits, including a cheaper alternative to couples wanting children who are otherwise unable to conceive on their own.

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