Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
May 24, 2024 ·  2 min read

Horrifying Simulation Shows What Would Happen if You Fell into the Blades of a Helicopter

For many people, riding in a helicopter is on their bucket lists. Meanwhile, for others it can induce panic. A fear of flying is a common phobia but not just for flying. Some people fear crashing and being burnt alive, or crash landing in water and having to swim for miles. Moreover, one possibility that people may not think of is injury sustained from helicopter blades. 

Reviewing Safety

When riding in a helicopter, there’s a safety briefing that must first take place. Pilots explain how to properly get on a helicopter and how to avoid serious injury. Some examples of safety include, always listening to your pilot. After all, they’re trained professionals. Typically, approaching the vessel on the front left ensures the pilot can see you and is made aware of your presence. Furthermore, crouching low when approaching minimizes a run in with the blades. Unfortunately, though, accidents do still happen. 

A Viral Video

A video uploaded to Reddit shows a simulation of a test dummy being thrown into helicopter blades. The video, then, shows the dummy being chopped into small pieces. Starting with the feet, legs then hands, the blades move all the way through the body. Lastly, chopping the chest and throwing the dummy backward.

The results are gruesome and altogether terrifying. Because the test dummy is dropped onto the aircraft, the circumstances are highly unlikely. They do, however, put into perspective how dangerous it can be to come in contact with helicopter blades. 

Skeptical Audiences

Despite this intense visual, Reddit users expressed skepticism about the outcome of coming into contact with helicopter blades. “Um, not too sure that’s what will happen, I mean the body will be cut up, but the blades are gonna have some serious damage,” said one. Further explaining from a scientific point of view, “Bones aren’t too soft. The imbalance may cause secondary damage by loss of balancing weights and the power demand due to deceleration might cause momentary droop compensation adding to the imbalance. Overall, the chopper won’t stay as smooth.”

Be it their own, or a loved one’s, no one really likes to think about death. The reality is, there are countless ways to die. Many are much more unpleasant than others. Burning to death, drowning, and even long term or incurable illnesses are examples of long and or painful deaths. Furthermore, the idea of being chopped up to death into tiny pieces by helicopter blades, is awful. Rightfully so, people are uncomfortable and afraid of the possibility of a freak accident like this.


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