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Hotel That Never Lands Set To Fly 5,000 Guests Through Sky

The only way for a hotel to stand out in the 21st century is if it brings something extravagant on board. And if this video has any truth to it, then this hotel certainly brings it. As it mentions, this is the inn of the future. This residence can host up to 5,000 guests and will also remain airborne for years on end. Yes, you heard it right. This hotel will fly in the air- rather than establish itself on the ground like other pedestrian hotels. The video by animator Hashem Al-Ghaili shows a huge jet floating in the air. This behemoth looks like a cross between a space station and a mega-cruise ship.[1] 

sky hotel
Image Credit: Hashem Al-Ghaili | YouTube

In the video depiction, the animators have commented that nuclear energy will be powering the cruiser. Interestingly, the hotel’s pilot will be artificial intelligence. Not only that, but it would also have an observation tower shaped like a disc. If you ask why, well- this is for the guests to see the incredible vision as they sail above the clouds. The designers have claimed that this vessel could remain in the air for multiple years on end. Private jets would deliver the passengers and their cargo- which would then land on top of this hotel. 

Futuristic Hotel Will Be Airborne Forever

According to the video, and other sources, this hotel will have every amenity that a 5-star hotel has. This futuristic hybrid between a hotel and a plane will fly using 20 engines. Nuclear fusion will be the energy source for all of them. Some may also notice that the designer never plans for the sky hotel to land. The animator considers this to be the future of transport. Now- will it be the future of luxury and comfort? We could know in a few years. When people asked him about the enormous sky hotel’s pilot, this animator mentioned, “All this technology and you still want pilots? I believe it will be fully autonomous.” Although there would be no pilots on this plane, the Sky Cruise will certainly have loads of staff to attend to the passengers.[2] 

sky hotel
Image Credit: Hashem Al-Ghaili | YouTube

The video also highlights several nifty details of the hotel. It is assumed that the hotel will have multiple restaurants, a theatre, a gym, a huge shopping mall, and even a single swimming pool. If you want some excitement in your life, it could also work as your perfect wedding destination. But one can understand that this extremely futuristic enterprise doesn’t have a lot of takers. Some have even called out this concept as the new Titanic. And anyone knowing the history of Titanic would know that this is never a compliment. 

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Most Users On Internet Think A Nuclear Hotel In The Sky Might Not Be The Best Idea

Several users on the Internet haven’t been pleased with the concept of this hotel. Some of them have noted that the performing lifts will not be aerodynamic. Also, if the ship were to crash, it is powered by nuclear energy which would be a huge risk. In fact, it could potentially destroy an entire city. One commenter also mentioned, “If physics and aerodynamics didn’t exist, then this vessel might actually be able to take off.” Independent also mentioned that this wasn’t the only futuristic concept to go viral. A tech company from China also presented multiple ideas about a hypersonic aircraft that would cover a single mile in a single.[3] This means that a flight from Shanghai to New York would just take a couple of hours. 

sky hotel
Image Credit: Hashem Al-Ghaili | YouTube

The hypersonic jet has been the brainchild of Beijing Lingkong Tianxing Technology. While not as fancy as an airborne hotel, this could potentially mimic space flights in international flights. The jet will be propelled to the brink of space by a rocket launcher. After that, it would be disconnected from it, and start accelerating. And when we say accelerating, we mean a humongous speed of around 7,000 km per hour. 

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Other detractors of the airborne hotel mentioned, “Great idea putting a nuclear reactor in something that could malfunction and fall out of the sky.” Another user went on to add, “I’m sure I would be able to afford a ticket for the lowest deck with no leg space and no access to the lounge.” Yet another user added, “I feel like this is where all the rich people are going to hide during the apocalypse, and just fly around above all the rest of the world while everyone is fighting each other Mad Max-style.” The animator’s biography writes, “A molecular biologist by trade, Hashem uses his knowledge and passion for science to educate the public through social media and video content.

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Editor’s Note: The lead image is for representational purposes only and it is not an actual image of the sky hotel.