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Stunning New Denver Skyscraper To Have A Multi-Level Hiking Trail

A new skyscraper in the city of Denver brought about a lot of attention in 2021. This new building did signify the economic growth that the city was going through- in the aftermath of the pandemic. This building proposal reportedly had a multi-level hiking trail that would be visible from the outside — truly a sight to behold. While this type of building is nothing new around the world, it would be the first of its kind in the US. It is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

If this doesn’t surprise our readers, the next bit of information will definitely do so- the building will serve as an apartment complex. So one could try figuring out the rent that this building will have. The building has planned to contain 187 residencies, with retail that would be present on the lower levels. However, the jewel in this crown will certainly be the multi-level hiking and nature trail. It is expected that the design will be providing excellent views of the city, as well as the Rocky Mountains. 

The Denver skyscraper that is going to be built.
Image Credits: MAD Architects | Instagram

The skyscraper will not be immensely tall- for that will not be feasible due to the presence of a trail in it. The building, as reported, was to be located in the River North District and have 16 stories. Now, while there are much taller buildings in the city, the uniqueness of this tower sets it apart, and if you are wondering if the nature trail would just be a glorified garden- you’d be wrong.

The nature area consists of more than 13,000 square feet of completely open-air spaces. What is really different about this building is the huge 10-story nature trail that looks like a crack in the building. This crack will also allow one to look through the other four stories- which include a cool water feature.

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MAD Architects Creating a Unique Skyscraper in Denver 

The rest of the skyscraper resembles that of a luxury apartment complex. It comprises a giant rooftop terrace that also has a pool. Other amenities on this terrace include a garden and a spa that offers views of the Mountains. Now, while the rents in the city are still salvageable, it would not be difficult to assume that the rent of this building will literally shoot through the roof. 

The probable green balcony of an apartment in the skyscraper.
Image Credits: MAD Architects | Instagram

The skyscraper is the brainchild of MAD architects- an architectural company based in China. The principal and founder of the company, Ma Yansong, stated, “If we regard modern cities as man-made landscapes on the earth, we need to design canyons, woods, creeks, and waterfalls, transforming concrete forests into second nature.” This company closely follows the Chinese principle of shan-Shui- which is basically landscape painting. The portfolio of this company includes buildings like the Huangshan Mountain Village which looks like a mountain, Cloud Center which resembles clouds, Shenzhen Bay Culture which resembles boulders, and an unnamed airport which looks quite similar to a snowflake. 

The ninth floor of the skyscraper has yoga and a fitness center which will also be connected to the hiking trail outside. There would be one, two, and three-bedroom units that will certainly benefit from private balconies and windows that go from the floor to the ceiling.

So what do you think? Would you move in? Let us know in the comments.

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