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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 5, 2022 ·  4 min read

Woman Who Spent $220 On Food In The Whole Of 2021 Shares How She Did It

In an era of rising inflation, it is very important for one to manage their funds. This implies that an individual needs to be frugal in how they spend their money for food and other utilities. While some may claim that it is impossible- the reality is a bit different.

After all, we have information about a thrifty woman who states that she spent just £163 (≈ 220 USD) on food for the entirety of 2021. What’s more- she has brought out her secret for the world to emulate. As it stands- this could be something that the world needs. So, it would be advised that one actually try incorporating this- if it is something that warrants attention. 

Yellow Stickers Have Been the Key For Food Shopping

Sharon Adams, a 48-year-old woman, recently spoke about how she has just made shopping for reduced food items an art form. She also claims that she managed to get her entire shopping for the year for a measly $220. It needs to be mentioned that it would have generally taken her £1,223 (≈ 1655 USD). But she managed to do it at 18% of the cost. Now, there is a reason how she managed to go through with it. She is picky, extremely picky about the things she purchases.

Sharon Adams spent very little on food in 2021, seeking out excellent deals
Image Credits: Mercury Press

Goes without saying, Sharon Adams has been able to be quite selective in what she spends her money. For those who are looking at minimalizing their food prices, she usually looks at yellow stickers. These stickers inform her that the food isn’t as pricy as it previously was.

According to this woman, she has had time to perfect her craft- which can be seen with the entire cost she has had to pay. She also judiciously delves into Olio- the food app- which supplements her shop. For those interested, Olio is a mobile that people use for sharing their food. People usually use this app to give away free food to those who are in dire need. 

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All One Needs To Do Is Peel Their Eyes To Look At Reduced Foods

Sharon says, “Yellow sticker shopping has really helped me to stretch the pennies and the pounds. If I can sniff a yellow sticker reduction out, I will. I budget £10 a week on food shopping and often find that I spread that amount further. I tend to go to Morrisons and Asda in the evening as they always have the best reductions.

An usual bill for the month's food.
Image Credits: Mercury Press

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Over the course of 2021, Sharon has been able to get a shop that costs her just £2.40 rather than £40. She has managed to do so by taking advantage of the discounts that she receives from local supermarkets. The markets are usually located near her place of residence in Pontypridd. 

Sharon Adams explains, “Other supermarkets like ALDI, I don’t go to that often as it is further away, but I actually went there once and managed to get £40 worth of meat for £11 as everything was 75% off in the reduced section. I go to my local McColls a lot too, and they have a lot of reductions that are usually around 10 pence each.

While she didn’t really have to go through food shopping for this month, she managed it at a measly £7.49. The last six months have seen her purchase several items from Olio too. A person from her local supermarket had used the app several times. 

Olio Helps Too- As Sharon Adams Claims

Sharon Adams clarified, “My local Tesco will donate to the Olio representative every evening with stock that hasn’t been sold, including a lot of reduced, going out of date items. Yellow sticker shopping has really helped me to stretch the pennies and the pounds. Meals are always really cheap, because the items I put together have either been free from Olio, or just massive reduced with yellow stickers.

One could definitely learn a lesson on how to shop for food from Sharon Adams, as she spent £11.95 last December. She claims, “Another Christmas eve reduction haul to fill my freezer with meats, vegetables, and bread, with a few fridge bits like Scotch eggs and salad as well as Olio collections of bread, yogurts, and a Jamie Oliver pasta dish.” For the month of October, she spent £15: “Lots of free food from Olio again, paid for chocolate, butter, onions, and tomatoes, as well as a big meat haul from Aldi for £11”. 

In a world where cost-efficiency is key, Sharon Adams is definitely an example of how to spend less on food to get the best out of it. She may not be spending a thousand bucks on luxury restaurants- but she is definitely making the most out of her finances. 

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