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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 1, 2024 ·  2 min read

Couple Says Starbucks Charged Them Nearly $4,500 For 2 Cups Of Coffee

A couple from Oklahoma recently alleged that a Starbucks branch had charged nearly $4,500 for a couple of coffee orders. Deedee and Jesse O’Dell stated that their average tab for the coffee was usually around $10, but this time around, it was at a whopping $4,456.2 on the 7th of January.

According to Deedee, she had noticed this humongous charge after a couple of days when she was at the mall with her kids. While using the same card to buy something from a store, she found her card declined. Later, the couple discovered that the coffee joint had charged a gratuity charge of $4,444.44 on top of the existing coffee order. Jesse then stated that he had already been in contact with the district manager of the branch regarding this incident- and he was informed that there was some issue with this network. 

The Starbucks receipt with the outrageous amount.
Image Credits: KOKI/O’Dell Family | CNN

Couple Gets A Receipt Of $4562 From Starbucks

Soon, Starbucks seemed to have realized their mistake as they sent the couple two checks which equaled the total gratuity amount. But unfortunately, when the couple tried to deposit the checks, the payment bounced. Jesse mentioned, “We contacted their customer service helpline probably 30 to 40 times that day. We got a call from a representative who said they are sending new checks. But as of today, we still have not received checks.” This led to the couple filing a report with the Tulsa Police Department. In the meantime, this mess led to their budget being blown- with them having to cancel their family vacation. Jesse said, “We had planned to take a trip but had to cancel and the tickets are non-refundable.” 

Jesse and his wife have urged everyone who gets their coffee at Starbucks to check the receipts before leaving the premises. “This is something that has caused duress in our family and hopefully others don’t have to go through something like this.

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