Starbucks barista using various ingredients to make specialty coffees
Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
January 31, 2024 ·  3 min read

Ex Starbucks Employee Leaks Coffee Recipe Online, Post Goes Viral

Almost all of us know of Starbucks, but for the aficionados out there, do you know what the Starbucks coffee recipe is? Well, a former employee of the famous chain had apparently spilled the beans on social media. Needless to say, the internet gulped it up as fast as it could, with hundreds of coffee enthusiasts not wasting time checking if the recipes were real. The viral Starbucks coffee recipes post was disclosed on X (formerly known as Twitter) by user @IamKalyanRaksha.

It must be said that the original poster is not the former employee. It seems they simply carried the message forward. The caption of the tweet reads: “A Starbucks employee got fired, and she posted every Starbucks drink recipe. You’re welcome.” Considering how quickly the tweet blew up, it was an extremely good decision on the part of the employee not to disclose her identity along with the Starbucks coffee recipes!

The X post is only the latest of several other posts where jilted ex-employees reveal the secrets of the Starbucks coffee recipes. Such posts can be found on several social media platforms, including TikTok. All this information has helped coffee enthusiasts understand the intricacies unique to the beloved beverages that Starbucks is famous for. The coffee chain is the biggest of its kind and has an immense global presence. At one point in time, its most famous drink was the Java Chip Frappe, an offering unique to the franchise. There were also several more coffee creations that customers could not find at any other franchise.

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Starbucks Coffee Recipes Are Not A Very Closely Guarded Secret

The unique variety also means that Starbucks coffees are some of the most expensive around. As a result, having a Starbucks is, in some places, a show of financial prowess. Now, though, with the revelation of the recipes, everyone can make them. Customers can now happily recreate their favorite drinks without worrying about burning a hole in their wallets. Of course, this has sent the netizens into a celebratory mood, and they are extremely grateful for the actions of the former employee.

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One of the comments read: “Now we make our own cute drinks and we’ll write our own name and we’ll call it Ariana Grande or whatever.” Another comment mocked the Starbucks coffee with his witty take on the recipe: “Little coffee, loads of sugar, and add sweets, chocolate, syrup, sprinkles, and optional milk pumped with air (foam) unless you are a sugar addict, mostly undrinkable.” A third reply showed the reality: “She is making sure she doesn’t get employed again.” Of course, there was also a criticism justifying the leak with humor: “Recipes!! Starbucks lovers…this thread is a gift for y’all!! This is what happens when you treat your employees like trash…pay them low wages, don’t give them employee benefits and penalize them for forming a union!

The X post has since garnered a million views and hosts more than 300 comments. Whether you like the franchise or not, it seems like people can’t avoid trying to recreate the Starbucks coffee in their kitchen. They are quite good, after all.

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