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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
January 30, 2024 ·  4 min read

There’s a Collapsable Prefab Home – and it’s Only $35k on Amazon

Societal expectations have changed significantly over the years. Once the picture of wealth, extravagant homes and decor have become a hassle. In other words, it is something to hold people back from things like adventure. As such, and coupled with the desire for self-sufficiency, people are looking at housing alternatives- and there are now prefab homes that can now be found on Amazon. 

One of these prefab homes comes in 3 different models. Each ranges in cost, with the most expensive, unsurprisingly, being the biggest option. The “expandable steel frame” includes thermal insulation and has enough space to accommodate two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a restroom- everything needed to create a comfortable and cozy living space. 

A Surprising Amazon Order

Amazon was initially created as an online bookstore, a helpful resource for college students looking for a deal on textbooks. However, the company has taken off and become one of the world’s largest and most powerful retailers. Now, shoppers can find essentially everything they could possibly want or need on Amazon. Astonishingly, a prefab home kit has now been added to the list. On the other hand, retailers like Home Depot also have prefab home kits available. 

The model options range from 13 by 20 feet, 15 by 20 feet, and 19 by 20 feet. Costing up to around $40,000 depending on the dimensions, the prefab home kits make life easier and less materialistic. Simultaneously, this adds an element of convenience as they’re available for delivery within a week of placing the order. The prefab home made by Zolyndo, is “simple” according to its website. Furthermore, the design features drywall anchors and holes for screws. Essentially, an easy and diy option for those, who may less than confident in their construction skills. 

Prefab Home Interior
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Prefab Home Gains Momentum

The tiny home concept has gained momentum over the last few years. As a result, several cute and creative ideas have come to light with regard to designing a living space that is everything one could ever hope for, with the simplicity of not being tied to many material possessions. Moreover, with the help of social media platforms, information and feedback is quickly available. 

Fortunately, many influencers have shared their own experiences, including a group of “social media creators” who tested the “functionality” of the prefab home. The TikTok video, uploaded to Survive and Thrive Co., has more than 200,000 views in which it’s disclosed that the prefab home contains the water hook up but doesn’t include electrical outlets. “Bro this thing is so easy to build,” the video explains. “You literally just unfold it.” 

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Mixed Reviews

The concept of a prefab home in a box had mixed reviews as many were skeptical stating, “That house will close on me like a deck of cards.” Meanwhile another questioned the functionality wondering, “how well would it do in different weather and how is insulation?” Another comically pointed out how someone who leaves in a state of anger may lash out, and easily cause extensive damage to the prefab home.

Users posed some important questions and experts, such as those at Smart Asset have broken down the concept of a prefab home, explaining the good and bad, as well as various options such as type and style. Firstly, a prefab home, short for “prefabricated” is simply, a home that has already been manufactured as one whole piece or set. There are simple kits, like those found on Amazon and at Home Depot, a modular home, which allows for greater customization, or a manufactured home. Similar to the kits, these come already designed and are put together piece by piece.

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Good and Bad of a Prefab Home

As with anything else, there are pros and cons to buying a prefab home and your personal preferences and priorities will more than likely be the deciding factor. For example, if minimizing your carbon footprint or cutting costs is important to you a prefab home is an excellent option to consider because they are both cheaper to buy and use less electricity than a traditional home. Moreover, according to one source, a prefab home is actually likely to be better insulated than a traditional home. In contrast, a major downside may be a lack of available utilities such as a water source.

Man standing in doorway of prefab home
Photo Credit: @unspeakk | TikTok

Although there are cheap options like the kits sold on Amazon, there are actually a number of “tiny house” styles including those made from shipping containers and trailers. Other popular designs are the log cabin, A-Shape home, and treehouse.

With more and more people shying away from larger traditional homes, it’s incredible to see all the unique and creative things that can be done to help make a prefab home feel more welcoming, cozy, and comfortable.

The Zolyndo Portable Prefabricated Tiny Home is Available on Amazon

@unspeakk Part 2 I Bought a House on Amazon #unspeakable #vlog #fyp ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

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