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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
April 16, 2024 ·  3 min read

Inside the Train Carriage Turned into a Holiday Home

Most of the time when people buy a home, they take into consideration the possibility that they may eventually have guests. Be in family from out of town, your old college roommate, or neighbors visiting from your hometown. Often the most people can come up with a guest room. However, there are a lucky few who manage to have a guest house. Andrea Perman and partner, Richard Coleman have thought outside the box, converting an old train carriage into a train carriage home for guests.

photo credit: Keith Jones

Naming the Train Carriage Home

The train carriage home has been named, “The Carriage, Ely” and the pair opened it up to guests last month. So far, it has created a lot of excitement. Despite this cool out of the box idea, the couple said they had other options in mind. Originally, they were looking to convert a boat into a guest home as the pair has a large pond on the property. A friend suggested they transform an old railway carriage into a train carriage home instead and the idea was appealing enough that Andrea and partner Richard ran with the idea.

The pair are located in the U.K. and have always planned to have a guest suite. When they retired and settled in Little Downham in Cambridge Shire, a small county in England, that plan became a reality.

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Image Credit: Keith Jones | The Carriage Ely | Facebook

Unexpected Joys of a Train Carriage Home

Ms. Pearman admitted “a train was never on my list to convert”. The couples were determined to keep as much as possible from the original train features. They have been able to keep some chairs, doors, and windows. Additionally, they were able to keep some of the original luggage racks. Which is great news for guests who may want to keep their belongings out of sight. The other salvaged features have been kept secret. Andrea hopes guests can find out for themselves about all the magic and mystery of the train carriage home.

At this time only half of the train carriage home is complete, but the couple has plans to finish the other half as well. Their vision will include dog-friendly accommodations for future guests and their pets to enjoy together.

Image Credit: Keith Jones | The Carriage Ely | Facebook

Others Follow Suit

The trend of turning old train cars into a train carriage home is one that has become fairly popular. Another man living in the area has also decided to create a train carriage home. He resides in in Thorney, about 45 mins away from the Little Downham couple. His plans differ though in that he plans to turn 8 cars into Airbnb suites for travelers.

Image Credit: Keith Jones | The Carriage Ely | Facebook

The couple originally had no idea what they were doing admitting they, “kind of winged it together“. However, they are both very happy with the outcome. Andrea says that the train carriage home has received nothing but positive feedback from guests and family.

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