Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 2, 2024 ·  2 min read

Man Uses Trigonometry To Guess Woman’s Height, Internet Says “This Is Pure Gold”

Most of us, at certain points in our life, must have wondered how useful our math classes were in school. Some of us probably never have to utilize more than half of what we learned to survive. But there is a certain individual who used basic trigonometry, which we learn in schools to guess the height of a woman. This took place when Pallavi Pandey, a Twitter user, went on to upload a picture of herself on the social media platform- where she asked her users to guess what her height was. Most of her followers started replying with their guesses, but one man applied trigonometry to this question. 

Man Tries To Calculate A Woman’s Height Using Trigonometry

The tweet from Ms. Pandey was her dressed in an all-black attire where she stood before a flight of stairs. While she did look pretty tall, guessing the height from an image is definitely not the easiest of tasks. 

As it usually transpires with things on Twitter, this post went viral, as well as the response from the Twitter user @mister_nobody_, who tweeted, “Looks like 5’4.5”. But now I am curious.” The man also uploaded a screenshot where he fully displayed all the calculations that he had made to find his answer. Ms. Pandey was naturally quite impressed with the tenacity of the individual. She tweeted back, “Hats off to you, man, for efforts, but I’m way taller, but wow! Dude put an end to ‘another day of not using trigonometry after Class 10 in real life.” 

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Although Mr. Nobody’s answer was incorrect, it didn’t stop the adulation from people on Twitter. One individual commented, “A befitting reply to all those who say that trigonometry is not useful. Will revise the values again.” Another user mentioned, “Bro never thought that trigonometry would make him famous.” While a third poster wrote, “This is pure gold! Solid stuff!” Ever since the original tweet and the response were shared, this post has over 724,000 views, and close to 6,600 likes.

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