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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 27, 2024 ·  3 min read

Man shows how to turn a $16,000 Home Depot shed into a tiny home

With the rise in living costs, more and more people are struggling to make ends meet, let alone pay off a big mortgage on a house. This leads them to find creative ways to make a home for themselves, family included, that will not break the bank. Tiny homes have become a trendy and affordable way of living. One man found a Tuff Shed at Home Depot and thought it could make a perfect tiny home. So, he took to the internet to share his findings.

Tuff Shed

Building a house is an investment, and one of the most expensive ones you’ll make in your life. But, it doesn’t have to be. When tiny homes started making their rounds, they opened up a whole new way of living. More people have access to beautiful homes without having to pay off a mortgage their whole lives. Home Depot has made this tiny home dream even more possible for people, providing various options for various needs.

Tuff Shed / TB:800
Image credit: YouTube

Rusty78609 posted a video on his YouTube channel showcasing a particular home depot shed known as a Tuff Shed, model number TB-800. Potential buyers might be happy to know that the delivery and onsite installation are included in the price. In total, this particular shed cost $16,000. While it does not come with plumbing or electrics, it still has a lot of potential to be the perfect home.

According to the Tuff Shed website, “Tuff Shed is a true American original, beginning in the west in 1981 with one man’s dream of designing, fabricating and installing quality backyard buildings for customers. 40 years later, Tuff Shed is an industry leader, now serving customers throughout all of the lower 48 contiguous United States.”

Make it a tiny home

living are of Tuff Shed
Image credit: YouTube

From the outside, it doesn’t seem massive, but according to Home Hacks, they’re designed well. So, don’t let your first impression put you off. But, for interest sake, it is 16 x 20 x 16:10. Before you enter, there is a wooden porch out front. One could almost picture themselves sitting on one of those crocheted hanging chairs, sipping on some tea.

When you walk through the front door, you see that it is far from finished. The floors are simply manufactured board, and the walls have no insulation or panels. In the YouTube video, Rusty78609 suggests that the left side of the room would be suitable for an open-plan kitchen, and the rest of the room the living area. There is enough light that comes through the two windows, on either side of the front door. But, you would need to install electrics in order to have light at night.

boards holding up the second floor.
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The tour continues

Next, the ceiling has ample boards holding up the second floor. In the video, viewers are reassured how strong that is for a floor. When you get to the stairs, the Tuff Shed conveniently included a railing. A nice touch for the $16,000 house. As you climb the stairs, we are shown the already installed insulation in the walls. So, it’s up to you whether you want to add more or not.

Tuff Shed staircase
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The second floor is all one room, and it is very spacious. The ceiling sits at about 6.2 feet, which is perfect for people of average height. On either side of the room are windows, which provide light, but again, electrics need to be installed at a separate cost.

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Second floor
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In the end, this home is a remarkably low price for such a strong foundation. Aside rom a few things, the Tuff Shed is basically ready for you to move in. All you need to do is chose the location for you new tiny home. Then, once the plumbing and electrics are installed you have the freedom to do your own interior designing.

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