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Sean Cate
April 7, 2024 ·  3 min read

Which US Companies are owned by Chinese Investors?

China has invested a significant amount of money in American companies over the years. According to Fox News, the country owns more than $150 billion in the US companies and has a US market capitalization of $2 trillion1. With the increasing investment in US companies, it’s crucial to know which American businesses are owned by Chinese investors. One such company is the largest pork producer in the US, which is owned by a $22 billion Chinese meat processing company.

US Companies Owned by Chinese Investors

China’s investments in American businesses are not just limited to small businesses; they include some of the most iconic American companies. According to CNBC, ten of the biggest American companies are now owned by Chinese investors, including General Electric’s appliance unit, Smithfield Foods, and AMC Entertainment2. Chinese investors have also invested in many other sectors, such as real estate, tech, and hotels. For example, Chinese investors have invested in Motorola, Starwood, Waldorf, and Ritz-Carlton Hotels, to name a few3.

Impact of Chinese Ownership on American Businesses

Chinese investors’ ownership of American businesses can have both positive and negative effects. On the one hand, it can lead to job creation and boost the US economy. On the other hand, it can raise concerns about national security and loss of control over key industries. The United States government has also expressed concerns about China’s influence on American businesses.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is tasked with reviewing foreign investments in US companies that may have national security implications4. CFIUS reviews include mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers. The US government is also taking steps to limit China’s access to US capital markets, as well as ensure America’s security. According to Reuters, an executive order was signed in 2020 that prohibited the buying and selling of Chinese company shares listed as backed by the Chinese military5.

What Does Chinese Ownership Mean for American Businesses?

The growing trend of Chinese ownership in American businesses raises questions about the future of the US economy. Some experts argue that Chinese investment in US companies can help promote economic growth and job creation. Others, however, warn that Chinese ownership can lead to a loss of control over important industries and technologies, which could have significant national security implications, which seems to be more the direction we’re moving towards. American businesses must be vigilant in protecting their intellectual property and ensuring that they are not compromising their independence or security by accepting Chinese investments.

Chinese investment in US companies has increased over the years, with China investing more than $2.3 trillion in the US economy since 2000. The largest pork producer in the US is just one of the many iconic American companies owned by Chinese investors. While Chinese ownership of US businesses can have both positive and negative effects, it is essential to remain vigilant in protecting US businesses’ independence and security. The US government is taking steps to address national security concerns related to Chinese investment, but American businesses must also take steps to protect themselves.

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