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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
November 17, 2023 ·  2 min read

Grandfather who went viral after eating ‘paint he thought was yogurt’ dies

Of all the things that took place in 2019, one of them stood out – which is why you may remember Bobby. He became internet famous after Alex Stein, his granddaughter, shared a hilarious picture of the elderly gentleman. The elder, who had a soft spot for yogurt, was caught eating paint out of a tub! The man had apparently mistaken the white paint for his favorite dessert. In Stein’s original tweet, she had given a simple caption: “Sooo my grandpa ate half a quart of paint today thinking it was yogurt.” Here is the original tweet, if you still fail to recall the kind soul.

At that time, Bobby was 90 years old. Of course, there were initial concerns as to the consequences of the mistake, especially regarding the man’s health. However, even at that advanced age, his stomach had remained unaffected by the toxic compound, making it an incident to laugh about fondly. Stein had used the word ‘unfazed’ to describe her grandfather’s immediate condition proceeding the incident.

Unfortunately, we now remember Bobby because the elderly soul recently passed away. Alex shared the news via an Instagram post on November 3rd. Bobby left us behind at 91, in the month of June.

Accidentally Eating Paint Will Always Make Us Remember Bobby

Alex, along with a heartbreaking caption, posted several pictures and emotional videos remembering Bobby. She posted the news on November 3rd because that would have been the day Bobby turned 92. Alex continued by informing that Bobby had a peaceful death as he departed while asleep. She explains: “And though he’s missed tremendously, he really did live a long, happy, healthy and fulfilling life as a doctor, musician, father, and grandfather”.

Apart from eating paint, Alex remembers that Bobby wanted nothing more than to make the people around him laugh. As such, when the internet became his audience, it was almost like he gained the world. She ends the tribute by giving her gratitude to all of his supporters throughout the years, and that she knew that the internet would keep Bobby’s legend of eating paint alive.

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The post was soon filled with comments of love, condolences, and tribute to the Internet legend. One comment read: “RIP Bobby the GOAT Core memory of my teen years was watching the videos of him being posted, always made me laugh and smile.” Another commenter added: “I was JUST thinking about him too. He definitely left his mark and he was loved so much!” Other replies sounded their gratitude like this: “Thank you for all the laughs and smiles Bobby. You’ll never be forgotten, silly, paint-eating old man. Rest in peace.”  

The memory of Bobby eating paint, aka the Paint Grandpa, was recently re-invoked on TikTok following a TikToker dressing up as him for Halloween. @princesspeyto1 shared a picture where she dressed up as Paint Grandpa on October 22. The occasion was a college party. Unfortunately, far too few people recognized the reference.  

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