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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 19, 2024 ·  2 min read

This Man Generates Free Electricity Using A Water Wheel

In a world that is consuming exhaustible resources at an alarming rate, a clever man who lives in a hut near the river has found an ingenious way of using a water wheel. He uses it to generate electricity with minimal cost. The man uses this wheel to turn the water into energy. As such, that is quite a lot for the entirety of his house. This local technology was first assembled with the use of a Poncelet wheel.

Water Wheel being used to hardness electricity
Supercar Blondie | Facebook

This is a giant water wheel that is connected to an equally sizeable arm. It is made completely with cast iron. When this wheel is placed in water, the river’s flow keeps it in a period of motion. This, in turn, generates a lot of energy. The water wheel is capable of producing close to 7.5 kW of power- which is enough to power the generator that would provide electricity to the entire house.

Now, while the electricity that this water wheel provides is technically free, there is still the question of the cost of the wheel, as well as the maintenance that comes along with it. Nevertheless, it does sound like a great idea- doesn’t it? The video of this clever man utilizing this machine to generate electricity was first shared by Nering Industries- the company that actually manufactures the Poncelet wheel. 

Man Uses Water Wheel To Create Energy For His Whole House

When this video of the water wheel was further shared on the Supercar Blondie Facebook channel video, a lot of people started flocking to the comment section in order to share their impressions. One user commented, “Ironically, I once asked an engineer if something similar to this could be outfitted to the outflow from the ground treatment plant. He said no.”

There were other users who started bringing up ideas that could potentially improve this design. One user stated, “Excellent idea. Water makes belts slippery, chain may be a better option.” Another user stated, “Something like this would have to be disengaged during high flow and would require some kind of monitoring system. Very ingenious though.” Some users were also so keen on utilizing this idea that they started enquiring about having one for themselves. One asked, “How much does it cost to buy and install? Including the connection to the house.”

Since the water wheel is placed at the point where the river runs downstream, the flow never seems to stop. So the machine keeps churning electricity for the family. Also, the entire setting is quite picturesque. Lush trees surround this inland river, and the water wheel feels like the only piece of modernity in this setting. Maybe it would be wise for all of us to start adapting to this technology.

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