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Mayukh Saha
April 5, 2024 ·  6 min read

People Ask For Help Identifying Weird Objects. The Answers Are Surprising (And A Little Scary)

We have all seen weird objects lying around our households that we don’t really know anything about. In certain situations, they can prove quite dangerous- and it would be prudent for us to handle them with care. Another way of dealing with such strange objects would be to ask strangers on the Internet what they could potentially be. Now- while there will always be debate about what a particular thing is, the answers can often be surprising and in a few cases- scary. So let’s see the top 20 weird objects that people found in their households and went on the Internet to ask strangers about it. 

20 Weird Objects People Found In Their Households

1. Torture Weapon That Is Actually Used In The Kitchen

Image Credits: Reddit | xcskr

“Some jobs call for highly specific tools, and this is one of those. It’s a gigot, which has one, single reason for existing: to hold a leg of lamb as you carve it. The end slips over the shank, and the ring tightens it all down for fork-free carving.”

2. Weird Swiss Building That Will Not Look Out Of Place in A Counter-Strike Game

Image Credits: Reddit | jonecat25

“The crucial piece of information that’s missing to help identify this site is that it sits overtop of a tunnel. It most likely serves a couple of purposes for the tunnel, providing both ventilation and a way of exiting to the surface in an emergency.”

3. Bag Filled With Black Stuff- Breaking Bad Spin-Off?

Image Credits: Reddit | boocey_booce

“Hmmm, a strange, small baggy of black stuff that arrived unexpectedly from overseas is never a great sign. This is most likely just a bit of plastic pellets, sent as part of a brushing scam, meaning it’s stuff that was sent for the sake of sending something.”

4. Your Shoes Have Been Conquered As Territory- Do You Accept It As Your Overlord?

Image Credits: Reddit | ath1337

“A good, legit question that I would be asking as well! Nobody wants to find that some kind of insect has made a home in their shoes when they haven’t been looking. Thankfully, these are harmless rose of sharon seeds, however.”

5. A New Puzzle Book- Can You Solve It?

Image Credits: Reddit | JustSomeKid3876

“You’d have to have some special knowledge to be able to read this book – the kind of knowledge that comes from freemasonry. As one person put it, “it’s not a secret society, but a society with secrets.” So, if you want to know what’s written on this page, you’re going to have to join up.”

6. Objects At The Beach Could Be Put In A Questionable Category

Image Credits: Reddit | karmawv

“Lots of weird stuff will wash up on shore, and this even has a good reason to be there. It’s the tooth plate from a ray, like a manta ray or a sting ray. I, uh, don’t know if you want to keep something like that. Must smell something awful.”

7. Is That A Tank? A Lawnmower? Or Is It Just A Dystopian Invention?

Image Credits: Reddit | Eyeberration

“They sure do look like strange, large lawnmowers, but they would do a horrible job on your grass. These machines are hovercraft-like devices that smooth out large areas of concrete after it’s been poured.”

8. This Has To Be A top 10 weirdest object… a U-Shaped Toilet Divot

Image Credits: Reddit

“It’s a type of handicap toilet, more common in Europe than the US. It’s supposed to have an open-front seat, too. That allows a person to slide straight onto and off of the seat (such as from a wheelchair), without their genitals ever touching the seat or the bowl. This is more comfortable and decreases spread of disease.”

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9. Spanish Windows With Bulging Bars- Aesthetic But Weird

Image Credits: Reddit

They’re called “belly bars” in a lot of places. They’re designed for flower boxes. Edit: forgot to mention that the primary purpose is security. The rounded part is for flower boxes.”

10. Building In The Middle Of Nowhere- Could Be a Bunker, Couldn’t It?

Image Credits: Reddit

“It’s a fire fighter practice building. They use that whole area for training of all sorts including high speed chase training for cops as well as a firing range.”

11. Sliding Glass Covered Drawers

Image Credits: Reddit

“It’s a bedside cabinet and it’s to put cups of coffee/ breakfast on so it doesn’t leave coffee rings/stains on the top.”

12. Extremely Creepy Devil Figure

Image Credits: Reddit

Turns out one of the weirder ways skates and rays have been used by people is as curiosities. These cartilaginous fish, related to sharks, were flipped over and “shaped” into gruesome likenesses of imagined sea devils or maybe evil-looking mermaids. After being dried out and shellacked they were sold in port cities and seaside towns as far back as the 16th century. The origins of the name are obscure, but some articles reference ‘jeune fille d’Anvers’ which translates as ‘girl from Antwerp.’”

13. Not A Scissor, Not Exactly a Clamp- What is It?

Image Credits: Reddit

That’s a gang lock for lockout/tagout. You place this on a breaker when multiple people are working on equipment to keep people from turning the equipment on.”

14. Creepy Crawly

Image Credits: Reddit

Ah, the female of an old favorite, Dasymutilla, and likely of D. occidentalis. Handle it with extreme care as it has one of the most painful stings in the world. The stinger is also incredibly long and incredibly flexible, able to sting at almost any angle.”

15. Surveillance Recorders- The CIA Spies On Trees?

Image Credits: Reddit

“Don’t touch that! It’s a wildlife recorder. Someone is probably doing research on the birds, bats, or frogs (probably frogs given how low it is) in the area. Scientists leave those out there for long periods of time to record the sounds of animals, then take the recordings back to estimate population, habitat health, and lots of other things. If you remove it from that tree all [you’re] going to be doing is making a grad student cry ’cause they are expensive and they can’t afford to be losing them.”

16. Thunder Egg Might Be One For The Fantasies

Image Credits: Reddit

This is a gnarly piece OP… I read that if you can guarantee that this is natural… and with a formation like that inside, you could catch a really, really, really nice price for it. Collectors LOVE stuff like this. Awesome find.”

17. Blackberries- Just Not As Healthy, Or Beneficial

Image Credits: Reddit

Unmistakably deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna). I hope he will be okay. Please update us if you’re able to. Unfortunately, these berries have a sweet flavor and look appealing to little kids…”

18. A Weird Object Straight Out of A Sci-Fi Movie

Image Credits: Reddit

“Radium-painted hands will have green paint on them [that] glow in the dark. Unlike more modern glow-in-the-dark paints, radium does not need sunlight to charge its glow and will glow whether it’s been in a dark cabinet for an hour or three days. Without a Geiger counter that’s generally the way to tell. If they are radium don’t freak out. It’s a relatively safe amount of radiation as long as you don’t sleep with them or lick them.”

19. Teddy Bears Plastered To Electric Pole- Kind Intention, But Looks Creepy

Image Credits: Reddit

My guess is someone’s [child] died near or as a result of someone crashing into that pole. They probably wrap a new bear every year on the anniversary of their death…”

20. Drink Stirrer- Looks Quite Pretty

Image Credits: Reddit

Tree Branch Muddler for stirring drinks. It’s a beautiful piece of history.”

So, do you have any weird objects around your household that you don’t have a clue about? Write to us in the comments below!

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