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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 12, 2024 ·  3 min read

Internet Goes Wild Trying to Agree What The End of Bread is Called

What do you call the end of bread? Well, some of us just call it bread. But apparently, people are now learning that there is a specific term for that piece of bread. In fact, one can also state that people are slowly starting to learn that everyone calls the same piece by a different name. The controversy about the name was started by a Twitter account ‘No Context Brits’, which is dedicated to creating and dishing up posts of British life without- as the name says- any context. The tweet read, “Settle the debate once and for all”, with the last piece of bread pointed at. 

A loaf of bread
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Different Names Of End of Bread

In the United States of America, the end of bread is called the ‘heel’, and it looks like this phrase hasn’t made its way through to the Atlantic. In the United Kingdom, people call it all the way from knobby and doorstep, to crust- which is conventional. This begs the question- which term is correct at the end of the day? Well- the obvious answer is, all of them. Language is always evolving, so if one day someone starts calling it the “me no likey piece”, that will be the name. But there are definitely certain terms that are more popular than the others. 

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An informal survey conducted on Reddit by a bread enthusiast regarding the end of bread highlighted that the most popular name was heel- which was picked up by 37% of the respondents. The next best term was “the end” which received 28% of the votes. The third best term was “the butt” at 20%, and finally, the crust, which came in at 13%. In other parts of the USA, there are other terms for it as well, with a Florida man calling it the “booty”- it is always from Florida. The Redditor who compiled the results wrote, “Eight people from The Netherlands call it Kontje, which a single responder told me translates to ‘little butt’, but Google told me translates to a**.” It was also seen that Denmark and Finland were more careful and sensible with their names- as they called it the end washers and stock piece. 

But someone had the best name for the end of bread, and it came from the United States of Ukraine. “And finally, someone in the United States of Ukraine calls it Piece of Sh*t That No One Likes.” What do you call it?

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