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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
June 10, 2024 ·  3 min read

Man creates wind turbine that produces both electricity and drinking water

Access to clean water and electricity is a pressing issue for millions of people worldwide, including 88 million individuals in India.1 The scarcity of clean drinking water is often attributed to factors like dry weather, contaminated groundwater, and resource depletion. In 2020, Madhu Vajrakarur, an electrical engineering student from Andhra Pradesh, India, developed a remarkable wind turbine. He faced these challenges head-on and created a solution combining electricity generation with safe drinking water production.

The Innovative Wind Turbine

Madhu Vajrakarur’s invention generates electricity and produces clean drinking water.2 Here’s how it works:

Moisture Collection: The wind turbine collects moisture from the atmosphere, similar to how refrigerators use copper pipes. A blower at the back of the fan directs the wind’s moisture into the turbine’s structure.

Condensation: Once inside the turbine, the moisture is directed into a cooling compressor, where it condenses into water.

Filtration: The condensed water passes through copper pipes to reach a three-stage filter. This filter employs membrane filters, charcoal filters, and UV filters to eliminate any dust particles, ensuring the water’s purity.

Water Storage: The clean water is accessible through a tap on the turbine’s frame and is also collected in an external tank with a 40-litre capacity.

Madhu uses the electricity generated by the wind turbine, connected to a 30-kilowatt inverter, to power various household appliances, such as fans, lights, and plug points.

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The Journey to Something New

Madhu’s journey towards creating this remarkable wind turbine began with a childhood fascination with them. Even in the second grade, he made model versions using cardboard for school science exhibitions. His formal education in electrical engineering and hands-on experience with solar power grids and automatic streetlights paved the way for him to work on this ambitious project. Moreover, inspiration struck when he heard about wind turbines that generate water during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat session. Madhu’s determination led him to watch YouTube videos, sketch out the design, source raw materials, and begin production.

Today, Madhu’s wind turbine provides him with 80 to 100 litres of water daily, significantly reducing his electricity bills. His innovation has not only improved his own life but also offers hope to his neighbors and potentially countless others in water-scarce regions.

Wind Turbine Challenges and Critiques

While Madhu’s effort is commendable, addressing certain challenges and critiques is important. Suryaprakash Gajjala, the founder of Archimedes Green Energy, which manufactures rooftop wind turbines, has expressed concerns about the quality of Madhu’s creation. According to Gajjala, a turbine capable of producing 30 KW energy for only Rs 1 lakh may not be of high quality or withstand high air pressures. The minimum cost of a reliable wind turbine of this kind is significantly higher.


Madhu Vajrakarur’s wind turbine is a testament to human ingenuity and determination. By combining electricity generation with the production of clean drinking water, he has addressed two critical issues facing many communities in India and around the world. This innovation is an inspiring example of how individuals can make a meaningful impact on their communities and the environment.

In a world where access to clean water and electricity remains a challenge for millions, Madhu’s ingenuity offers a ray of hope. While challenges and critiques persist, the potential of such innovations to transform the lives of those in water-scarce regions cannot be understated. Madhu’s dream, which began in the second grade, has evolved into a practical solution that benefits him and his family and holds the promise of a brighter, more sustainable future for many others.

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