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Woman almost drugged by two men shares how she figured the drink was spiked & fought off creeps

So, as we know, life as a woman can be tough. Especially with creeps hanging around trying to take advantage of them. If you are a woman, you may have been warned in the past about being careful of having your drink spiked. Or, worse, it may have happened to you. Yes, it is not a fun thing to think about, and yes, it does suck that we even have to be worried about things and situations like these. But, never the less, it is important. This story from Tik-Tok user Aili.likes.adventure, will have you realizing how pitiful some people can be, how careful we need to be, and how a normal night on the town can turn into something far more sinister. This is how Aili was almost drugged in a bar. She hopes to help other women who may find themselves in similar situations.

Girl, almost drugged, shares her experience

Taking to Tik-Tok to share her story, Aili hopes to share her experience of nearly being drugged by two men and help other women who may find themselves in a situation they do not wish to be in. The message is clear. Stay aware!


“I had a really scary experience with my friend last night. We went out for drinks at a bar that we had never been to before. My friend was up at the bar buying our second round. This guy came up to me and asked if I wanted a drink. The guy and his two friends came and sat right at the table next to us. At this point, we thought nothing of it… We just continued on with our night and ended up hitting the dance floor. We were having the time of our lives until those men showed up on the dance floor.


According to Aili, the men asked her and her friend if they wanted to dance. They both declined the invite. The two men continued to persist and then attempted to shove beers in their hands. Aili’s friend drank her drink, but she had second thoughts.


They didn’t say, ‘We bought you these drinks and they didn’t say, ‘Did you want to drink?’ They just put them in our hands.”Instead of drinking it, I put it back in his hand and I said, ‘You drink it.’ He was so stunned. He literally backed away and all he could say was, ‘No.'”


Thankfully, both girls made it home safe. But, not without Aili’s friend going from “being able to dance with me and talk to me, to stumbling around, barely able to form a sentence.”


Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

While some people are really amazing, like this hero bartender who hands girls note to save them from being harassed by ‘creepy’ guys, not all places you frequent could have nice people around looking after you. Your friends may be just as unaware as you are. Things really can turn sour so fast! So, what can you do to stay safe on a night out and make sure you and your friends are not almost drugged or harmed in any way? Here are some top tips from United Students:

  • Safety in numbers! Sticking with your friends means you are less likely to be targeted, or at least, if you do find yourself in a compromising situation, you will have friends to watch out for you.
  • Drink water! Being intoxicated means you have a larger chance of making poor choices. Stay hydrated and do not get too drunk.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended. To avoid being almost drugged or spiked, make sure you always have your drink with you. Be aware at all times.
  • Use reputable cabs. Do not get into strange taxi’s or cars. Make sure to use a reputable taxi company to get too and from your destination, always!
  • Don’t accept drinks. As tempting as it may be, unless you watch the bar tender pour it himself and it never touches anyone elses hands but yours and the servers, do not drink anything handed to you. This is how people often find themselves drugged and imbobilized.


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