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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
February 2, 2024 ·  4 min read

Woman Gives Warning After Losing an Eye in Minor Car Collision

Although the invention of things like cars has made life exponentially easier, it’s also created some serious safety hazards to be aware of. For example, in 2021, Hannah Oliver, a young woman from America, was in a car collision and suffered an unusual and equally terrifying injury. She has since made it her mission to warn others.

TikTok is a popular social media platform that allows people to share their wisdom, perspective, or just some cute and fun diy ideas for beauty and wellness, home remodels, and more. In 2021, a woman named Hannah, @Hannahnoliver, posted a video warning others after she suffered an injury from a car collision. As it turns out, her eye had been “shredded” from her eyewear. “When that happened, my airbag came out. It hit my precious designer sunglasses and they shattered into a million pieces.” She explained. She recalled her eye looking “like it had gone through the garbage disposal”.

“My eye was gone, it deflated on impact. My optic nerve was severed, and my retina was detached. All of the glass had shredded my eye into pieces,” she continued. Following her car collision, Hannah underwent 6 surgeries prior to getting a prosthetic eye in September 2022.

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Helping Other Car Collision Victims

Dealing with her injury from the car collision, Hannah has been inspired to start her own business. Blue Eye is a company set to making “shatter-resistant” sunglasses, to “save someone else from going through the same thing. Hannah has also used her TikTok platform to warn others of the dangers of wearing sunglasses that may cause severe damage in the event of a car accident.

@hannahnoliver Replying to @Mt07 It is crazy to think that the most expensive sunglasses can be the most dangerous. When I was only driving 25 mph, and got in a minor car accident, those sunglasses changed my whole life. I now hope that my story can change the way people look at sunglasses. We should be able to have stylish fun sunglasses that also protect our eyes. #oneeye #listen #lessonlearned #advice #caraccident #sunglasses #becareful #protectyourself #protect #impacted #drivingtips #fyp #foryou #sunglasses #sunglass ♬ original sound – Hannah Oliver

“I think it’s crazy that people don’t know your sunglasses can do this. Over 75% of them are made with either plastic, nylon or glass lenses, which will shatter right on impact. What’s even more nuts, is the fact that these sunglasses manufacturers could produce shatter resistant lenses for literally pennies, but they chose not to. Now that I only have one eye, I have to protect what I have left.” She disclosed regarding the aftermath of her car collision. “It literally took me to six surgeries to get to this and now I’m partially blind and I’ve got to live with this for the rest of my life, all because of some designer sunglasses that I thought were cute on my face, that I thought was going to protect me, but they didn’t.”

Not only has the car accident inspired Hannah to create a line of safer, and stylish, sunglasses. She’s also been inspired to help others. As a result, a percentage of each sunglasses purchase is donated to eye research and charities that help those who’ve lost their eyesight.

Followers Respond

Hannah’s story has sparked praise and recognition from others, choosing to learn from Hannah’s experiences. “No claw clips, no sunglasses – got it!” Said one user.

Oh, my goodness. I live in my sunglasses and never knew or thought of this!” Exclaimed another. “I’ll be checking your range out ASAP.”

Meanwhile a third said, “My Ray-Ban’s exploded like that on a hard floor. I’ve always had cheap plastic ones before; it was a wakeup call for sure.”

Help After a Car Collision

A car accident can range in severity but almost always results in result in injury, mental distress, or in some cases, death. Either way, people often think of a neck or back injury and death as the worst-case scenario. However, Hannah’s car collision proves that there are other possible safety hazards that people often don’t think of. Another example may be loose objects in the car, such as files or a purse. If they’re in the back seat, they have the potential to fly forward and cause severe injury on impact. Lastly, not sitting properly in the seat, or wearing your seatbelt properly, can also cause severe injury to everyone in the car or cause a person to be ejected from the vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of common injuries ranging from broken ribs or bones, sprains, dislocated joints, and organ damage. Sadly, most of the time a car collision is preventable when everyone is staying vigilant and maintaining focus on the road. Moreover, there is assistance for people who’ve sustained injuries from a car accident. Some examples include help with self-care and addressing the trauma; furthermore, for those who’ve been left disabled or immobile, there are state and government programs to provide financial assistance to qualifying individuals and families.

A car collision can be a life-altering event, and it’s essential to drive in a manner that is both safe and attentive to ensure everyone’s safety. Fortunately, there are people like Hannah who’ve experienced something traumatic like a car accident and overcoming her injuries that can offer guidance and perspective to others.

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