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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 3, 2024 ·  3 min read

Woman allegedly made husband’s killer fall in love with her, only to him over to authorities years later

According to reports, a woman whose husband passed away managed to seek the ultimate revenge on the man she held responsible. In a cinematic twist of events, the woman, who remains anonymous to protect her identity, purportedly manipulated a drug trafficker into falling for her. Solely to aid in the gathering of evidence to ensure his conviction. A task that law enforcement had been unable to accomplish.

El Tiempo reported that Rubén Darío Viloria Barrios, aka ‘Juancho,’ had a red alert issued against him for his criminal activities. However, he managed to operate without detection in Montería. The capital of Cordoba region, and Uraba subregion by using a facade of religious devotion and a love for the church.

Although authorities eventually discovered his links to a network involved in drug trafficking, extortion, and murder, they were unable to gather sufficient evidence to arrest him. Local authorities and the media have praised the mourning widow for her heroic efforts. Where she spent several years earning the trust of the criminal to uncover valuable information about his networks and operations.

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Image Credit: Columbia Police

Aiding the police, she managed to not only get revenge for her husband but also put the man behind bars

Her contributions enabled the police to establish a compelling case against the accused. According to Columbia Police, the evidence is tremendous. The accused has a lengthy criminal record spanning over a decade and is notorious for his proficiency in coordinating attacks against the Public Force.

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According to reports, Barrios utilized speedboats to transport drugs through Central America and into the US. During this time, moving up to 1.5 tonnes of cocaine monthly. In addition to drug trafficking, he was implicated in the 2018 murder of two police officers in Puerto Valdivia. El Tiempo stated that the narco was also accused of being responsible for the death of the woman’s partner. Which prompted her to seek retribution.

Reportedly, the woman was able to develop a close relationship with Barrios. She thereafter gathered evidence of his criminal activities, which she subsequently presented to the police. Despite authorities suspecting Barrios of wrongdoing since 2020, they lacked sufficient evidence to prosecute him.

Finally, after several months, the woman arranged to meet Barrios in Montería, where the authorities were able to apprehend him. The authorities issued an arrest warrant for charges of producing, trafficking, and possessing weapons and ammunition restricted for the use of the armed forces or explosives. The individual was also suspected of drug trafficking, manufacturing, and possession.

May this be a warning to other operations – the Columbian police are not messing about

This operational result generates a structural blow to transnational drug trafficking networks. Fracturing their connections and coordination for international drug trafficking.” Said Colonel Gabriel García. A victory for all as he was thereafter sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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