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Jade Small
Jade Small
May 3, 2022 ·  4 min read

After lip lifting, a woman who almost died from her surgery addiction is now unable to close her mouth

Society has made people, particularly women, go to great lengths to prove themselves ‘worthy’. With mainstream media focusing its energy on the young, skinny, and gorgeous women, all with very specific features, plastic surgery has boomed. There are so many treatments we can choose from these days, and the latest craze is lip fillers. Our story today is of a 25-year-old woman named Mary Magdalene who has one serious addiction to plastic surgery.

Mary Magdalene, a Surgery Addict

Mary is very popular on social media, having accumulated 102k followers. Her videos talk about her surgeries, and how she goes about her everyday life. Recently she revealed a lip filler treatment as well as a lip lift. Her lips were already large, but they have now grown to colossal proportions. When interviewed, Mary said, “I got a lip lift so my mouth is always open.” 

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Many of her followers are not exactly fans of the way she is changing her body and her looks. There is always a myriad of questions demanding to know why she wants to look the way she does, and why she is never satisfied with her appearance. Mary seems to disagree, she is very happy with the way that she looks, and she said, “Why? Because I think it looks a lot sl***ier and hotter.”

In a recent video that she posted, Mary is standing in a pink bikini. She is flaunting her extreme tattoos and filming herself in the mirror. While talking about a trip to Turkey where she saw Russian women who were “really skinny.” She knew she had to look just like them. She seemed especially excited at the idea of her massive breasts. Her big butt paired with an extra skinny waist was her dream.

In the video on the Daily Mail, Mary said: “Imagine with my big t**s and my fat a**, which I’m gonna make bigger, I’ll be like a stick with balloons.”

A Near-Fatal Surgery

Mary Magdalene’s social media fans reached serious highs when she started posting about the surgery that nearly killed her. She had gone in for surgery that would enlarge her vagina in 2018. Well, it did not go as well as she had hoped.

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In an interview with The Sun Mary said: ‘I almost died during [the] procedure. I had to get two blood transfusions. The doctor said I was losing so much blood, and turning very pale. He thought I was going to die.’ Despite her near-death experience, Mary is confident there will be more procedures to come. Proving that she truly is a resilient person. 

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Mary Is Determined to Have More Procedures Done

She started getting procedures done by the age of 21 when she was working as an escort. Since that first boob job, she has had many more book jobs, nose jobs, fat transfers and removals, butt implants and injections, and more. Her appearance is unlike any other, which is probably why so many people are following her avidly – she seems to be bafflement to many. One thing is for sure, Mary feels no shame and appreciates her body for all of her efforts and thousands of dollars spent to get to where she is now. One of the captions on her transformation pics on Instagram says: “Before and after❤️ just 4ish years apart ….custom shirt by me btw 😆❤️ ew I love it lol”

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The shirt she is referring to is a white T-shirt tied at the waist with a knot. Her breasts are bulging, and the words printed on the front are clear and visible. They read: “I love my gigantic fake, expensive tits, they made me rich and famous.” Mary’s latest reveal is where she boasts her new face” and she says she thinks it looks like a “forest fairy elf.”

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