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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
November 7, 2023 ·  4 min read

12 Bewildering Objects That Confuse People With Their Looks

Sometimes, everyday items can take on a confusing appearance, leaving us scratching our heads, and wondering what their true purpose might be. In this curious journey through the unexpected, we’ll explore twelve finds from around the internet. These are objects that have puzzled those who stumbled upon them, leading them to seek answers from the online community. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind these intriguing items, one by one.

1. Austrian Awkwardness

Image Source: Reddit | soupersalad2000

A tourist exploring Innsbruck, Austria, came across an unfamiliar object on the ground. Located in the city, this peculiar phallic symbol caught their attention, and they sought information about its significance. Turns out, this is a (very common) directional bollard pointing which way the Austrian city center is.

2. College Keys

Image Source: Reddit | ZealousIdealKiwi

A student was given a strange gift from their school with a strange resemblance to a single brass buckle with a nub on the end of it. Keen-eyed internet users were able to identify it as a ‘germ key”, which lets you press buttons and open doors without touching them with your hands. Ideal for high-traffic public areas like doors or elevators on a college campus. 

3. Totally Tubular

Image Source: Reddit | skirmishfrogs

A discovery was made in an elderly woman’s jewelry box – an item resembling a small hollow tube open at both ends and embellished at the front. After some discussion, the original poster suggested it might be made of tin or a similar material. Another Reddit user clarified that this tube was designed to secure a scarf around one’s neck without the need for tying knots. The scarf’s ends could be tucked into the tube, allowing it to be comfortably adjusted around the neck.

4. Cabinet Curiosity

Image Source: Reddit | ThreePotatoesOnFire

While checking out their new place, a Reddit user found a set of cupboards that opened up into one shelf rolling out. Confused by the awkward use of space, only more questions arose after spotting the plugs on the back wall. After taking to the internet, it was made clear that this shelving unit is designed for a mixer to be put in. The last people who lived here must have been avid bakers.

5. Wood with Spikes

Image source: Reddit

A Reddit user shared a story on behalf of their friend, who had received an unusual wooden knob with spikes as a wedding gift. Strangely, the person who gave the gift kept the purpose of the object a secret. After some investigation, the mystery was unraveled. It turned out the object was meant for holding cheese during slicing, eliminating the need to touch it with bare hands. The puzzling part, however, was why the gift giver had chosen to withhold this information from the recipient.

6. Fits the Mold

Image Source: Reddit | Normal_Skill3212

Confused? So was Reddit user Normal_Skill3212 after rummaging through a commercial kitchen and stumbling across his strange device. If where it was found isn’t enough of a hint to guess what it is, nothing will be. This contraption is an old hamburger press, and they cost a pretty penny.

7. Southern Metal

Image Source: Reddit | supafreak23

Here, an individual posted a picture and explained that their father had purchased a set of items at a garage sale. They were crafted from solid brass but were curiously hollow on the inside. To their surprise, neither the person nor their father could discern the purpose of these objects. However, after sharing the post online, they received responses from several helpful individuals, revealing that these items were actually Mexican stirrups known as “tapaderos.” These stirrups were commonly used by cowboys in the southern regions of America.

8. Needle in a Haystack

Image Source: Reddit | nammo30

This colorful oddity came in a Christmas cracker with no instructions attached (as if it were obvious what it was). The only notable characteristics were a few sharp hooks on either end that could be maneuvered with springs. Turns out, this is a needle threader, and while the design may look complicated, it is quite effective once you know how to use it.

9. The Tiniest Tripod

Image Source: Reddit | Bellatrixter

While cleaning out their grandfather’s belongings, an individual stumbled upon a miniature object featuring three claw-like appendages that could be opened and closed. Perplexed, they sought assistance from the online community to solve the mysterious item. It was revealed that this unique item was designed for picking up small items such as sugar cubes, ice cubes, or for extracting olives and pickles from their containers.

10. Call of the Wild

Image Source: Reddit | kushajuana

Besides appearing to insult whoever picks it up, a Reddit user had some questions about what this item might be. Given its message and shape it seems to be some sort of device fitted in the mouth. The power of the internet shone through and the mystery was put to rest. This is a Turkey calling device, which can be explored more here.

11. Fruity Tools

Image Source: Reddit | uglyorgan8038

As a shopper was diligently unpacking their groceries, they discovered an unusual item included as a complimentary gift. A quick turn to the online community was made in hopes of figuring out the object’s purpose. With a handle and a petite yet sharp hook, it was disclosed that this item was, in fact, intended for peeling oranges.

12. Exterior Design

Image Source: Reddit | JjzMerheb

These post-construction discs may add to a building’s aesthetic, but their purpose is a little less inclusive. These installments are designed to stop skateboarders from using the rail to grind down. Of course, there are no discs installed on the hand-rail side of the stairs…Just some food for thought.

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