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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
January 22, 2024 ·  10 min read

30 Stunning Photos Taken By Consumer Drones

Drones have been around for a while, but only recently have commercial ones become available and gained popularity. Photographers are ditching their regular cameras and heading to the skies to capture some amazing shots in drone photography. Drone photography has made a big impact, turning something that used to be exclusive to the government into an everyday tool for civilians. The first drone for photography was created in 1882 when an inventor rigged a timed explosive charge to a kite, triggering the camera.

Nowadays, drones are way more advanced. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, using a drone offers a fantastic way to see things from a new perspective – but it’s not a cheap hobby. Drones can cost thousands of dollars on sites like Amazon. Technology in this field is still evolving, so the pictures we see now are just the tip of the iceberg.

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1. Gray Whale Plays Pushing Tourists

drone photography - Gray Whale Plays Pushing Tourists
Image Credit:@NatGeoPhotos /

Tourists likely encountered the whale during one of its migrations, as the Gray Whale is known for traveling up to 12,430 miles annually. These gentle giants spend summers in polar waters and winter vacations in tropical destinations. The ideal drone for capturing such moments is the SwellPro Splash Drone 3, designed to be waterproof and favored among the fishing community, even sold with a “Fishing Bundle” for added convenience, ensuring it can withstand a splash from a whale’s tail.

2. Face In a Grain Field

Face in a Grain Field
Image Credit: @photographersWorld /

This image of a grain field creates the illusion of a face looking up and smiling, resembling a kind, bearded old man. Although the photo is undoubtedly captivating, capturing it wouldn’t necessarily demand as advanced drone photography as some of the others we’ve encountered.

3. Brooklyn, New York’s Projects

Projects in Brooklyn, New York
Image Credit: @sanllacer /

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional was a leading drone when it was released a few years ago. Although drone technology has evolved since then, it remains a high-quality machine capable of capturing impressive shots like this one, showcasing the projects in Brooklyn, New York.

4. A Giant Birds Nest

drone photography - Birds Nest
Image Credit: @Rachael Ishaya /

It might seem like a giant animal head stuck in a fence, but it’s actually a colossal bird’s nest perched on electric wires. The photo is so visually perplexing that it’s almost surreal, yet these exceptionally large bird’s nests do exist.

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5. A Giant Pink Bunny

Pink Bunny
Image Credit: @Sue Bamford /

Admittedly, this photo won’t be claiming any prizes for picture quality, but its drone photography impact is undeniable. The sprawling giant pink bunny across a field may have its origins in computer manipulation, yet it’s worth noting that it likely began as a snapshot taken by a drone.

6. Fishing Boat in Vietnam

drone photography - Fishing Boat in Vietnam
Image Credit: @phtrung0611 /

Despite its small size, the DJI Mavic Mini delivers impressive performance. While this stunning photo of a Vietnamese fishing boat casting its net has been significantly enhanced to showcase its full beauty, the idea that a $450 Mini could capture something similar is not entirely implausible.

7. Camel’s Shadow

Camel's Shadow
Image Credit: @abstractaerialart /

The presence of a shadow adds a crucial element to the scene, as without it, one might easily overlook the presence of the camel in this drone photograph. Despite its simplicity, the photograph works exceptionally well, conveying a sense of warmth that allows you to almost feel the radiating heat from the image – a notable achievement in itself.

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8. Abandoned Water Park, Dubai

Abandoned Water Park, Dubai
Image Credit: @dxbdrone /

Abandoned structures have long fascinated people, offering a glimpse into the past. For urban explorers, capturing drone shots adds a new dimension to their adventures, providing a unique perspective without much risk.

9. What’s Russia Without Ice Hockey?

drone photography - Rural Ice Hockey In Russia
Image Credit: @t_a.r_o /

Photographer Maksim Tarasov snapped this picture of a makeshift rural ice hockey rink in Russia, crafted by the players themselves. While the specific drone used remains unmentioned, the DJI Mavic 2 would be an ideal choice for capturing such a long-distance shot.

10. Fall leaves make for beautiful drone photography

Fall Leaves
Image Credit: @dronestagram /

Autumn leaves have consistently inspired artists worldwide, transcending various mediums. The breathtaking visuals offered by the changing colors are truly captivating. In all its splendor, nature almost always presents the most picturesque views, and this picture is no exception.

11. Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers
Image Credit: ©Tomasz Kowalski /

The daily pedestrians in Kuala Lumpur likely overlook the fact that the Petronas Twin Towers, when viewed from the perspective of a drone like the DJI Inspire 2 (well-suited for capturing images at this altitude), take on an appearance reminiscent of an otherworldly structure touching down on Earth.

12. Wavy Fields Of Green

drone photography - Wavy Fields Of Green
Image Credit: ©nubbsgalore /

In the People Category of the Drone Awards, the “Cross the Field” photo secured the “Highly Commended” award. Depicting a mother and her daughter with their herd of cows crossing a pasture after a day’s labor, the image captures the undulating and vibrant green grass, creating an illusion reminiscent of a sea.

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13. Fishing Village

Fishing Village
Image Credit: ©

Stuart Chape captured this aerial photograph of a fishing village, offering another glimpse into fishermen’s and women’s lives. This bird’s-eye view, made possible with the assistance of a drone, provides a perspective we might not have otherwise seen. The photograph by Chape earned him an award in 2018, and the image was taken in the Solomon Islands.

14. Flamingos At Lake Logipi – magnificently captured through drone photography

Flamingos At Lake Logipi
Image Credit: @u/iamgulshansingh /

Nature photographers will surely appreciate this captivating image of flamingos at Lake Logipi. Contrasting with the smaller numbers typically seen in zoos or nature preserves, this photo’s sheer multitude of flamingos is both surprising and delightful. Lake Logipi, situated at the northern end of Kenya’s Suguta Valley, is an alkaline, saline lake.

15. This Polar Bear Mid Dip

drone photography - Florian Ledoux secured the top prize at the Drone Awards with the photo titled "Above the Polar Bear."
Image Credit: @WIRED /

Florian Ledoux secured the top prize at the Drone Awards with the photo titled “Above the Polar Bear.” This winning shot provided an aerial perspective of a polar bear perched on an iceberg and was the champion of the 2017 Pixel Sky Contest. Captured above the 74° North, Ledoux aimed to inspire greater concern for Arctic wildlife and the environment through his impactful photos.

16. Dubai Marina

©Carmine Chiriacò /
Image Credit: Dubai Marina

Carmine Chiriaco’s “Dubai Marina” offers an aerial perspective of the pier in Dubai Marina, presenting a contrasting view against the ocean water. This photograph provides a fresh angle to a space frequented by thousands daily, showcasing the architectural wonders of the buildings in Dubai from a skyward vantage point.

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17. Lockdown – a more eerie form of drone photography

drone photography - The Lockdown
Image Credit: ©Bachir Moukarzel /

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic brought about significant changes in everyone’s lives. Lockdowns and quarantines enforced social distancing measures, and “The Lockdown,” a photograph by Bachir Moukarzel, vividly captured the eerie transformation of typically bustling highways and thoroughfares into deserted landscapes during the implementation of restrictions.

18. Water Lily

Water Lily
Image Credit: @u/Nomsfud /

In the 2018 Drone Awards, Le Duong presented a stunning shot titled “Water Lily.” Captured in Vietnam, the photograph is part of a series by Le Duong featuring women at work in the country. Taken in Mekong, Vietnam, the image highlights the striking beauty of the water lily season in the Mekong Delta, lasting just a few months in the fall.

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19. Heart Of Warsaw

drone photography - Heart Of Warsaw
Image Credit: @Rafal Ganowski /

Before the pandemic, Warsaw, Poland, radiated with vibrancy, characterized by bustling streets filled with the sun umbrellas of nearby restaurants and lively crowds during the summer. Rafal Ganowski’s drone photo, titled “The Heart of Warsaw,” documented the significant transformation that the pandemic brought to the city, capturing the stark changes and impact on its once-thriving atmosphere.

20. Black Flag

Black Flag
Image Credit: @tomerappelbaum /

Despite the challenges brought by 2020, people have not lost their determination to protest on issues that matter to them. The photograph titled “Black Flag” is a testament to this resilience. Captured in Rabin Square on April 19, 2020, the image depicts thousands of Israeli protesters adhering to social distancing measures within their individually chalk-lined squares.

21. Lotus Temple – magical drone photography

Lotus Temple
Image Credit: @r/Dimension20 /

The Lotus Temple Photograph has been hailed as one of the best aerial photographs ever taken, described as stunning and almost ethereal by some publications. The photograph’s subject is the Lotus Temple, a Baha’i House of Worship situated in Delhi, India. Renowned for its unique design resembling a lotus blossom, many photographers have traveled extensively to capture the beauty of this architectural marvel.

22. Basking Crocodiles

drone photography - Basking Crocodiles
Image Credit: @abstractaerialart/Instagram

The PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard has earned widespread praise in the drone community with five-star ratings across the board. Although some photographers may express reservations about its smaller sensor, this compact machine proves to be highly capable, particularly in favorable lighting conditions.

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23. Mada’in Saleh

"Mada’in Saleh"
Image Credit: ©Gab Scanu/

Gab Scanu’s photograph, “Mada’in Saleh,” captures an aerial view of an ancient Saudi Arabian archaeological site. Describing it as the “single most incredible sight” he had ever witnessed, the Australian travel photographer shared on Instagram that he used the Mavic Air to capture this stunning image.

24. Assisi Over the Clouds

Assisi Over the Clouds
Image Credit: ©Francesco Cattuto/

Francesco Cattuto captured the mesmerizing “Assisi Over the Clouds,” a high-altitude drone photograph showcasing the town of Assisi in Italy. Nestled in the Umbria region of central Italy, Assisi is renowned as the birthplace of one of Italy’s patron saints, St. Francis. The picturesque town features notable landmarks like the Basilica of St. Francis, adorned with thirteenth-century frescoes depicting the life of St. Francis.

25. Forest Path

drone photography - Forest Path
Image Credit: ©MEHMET ASLAN/

Glancing at this photo for a moment creates the illusion of an up-close view of an underwater reef. Stepping back, you realize it’s a distinctive aerial perspective of a forest, thanks to a drone.

26. Outer space flamingos

Outer space flamingos
Image Credit: ©PAUL MCKENZIE/

In 2020, at the Siena Drone Photo Awards, Paul McKenzie’s “Outer Space Flamingos” emerged as an award-winning photograph, boasting one of the most creative titles in the competition. An Irish photographer, McKenzie has dedicated considerable time to capturing images of these beautiful birds, often patiently waiting in mud for hours to capture the perfect snapshot.

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27. Warehouse Fire

Warehouse Fire
Image Credit: ©Byron du Bois/

Byron du Bois gained recognition as a runner-up in the 2018 Drone Awards with his photograph, “Warehouse Fire.” This striking image captured a smoke-filled fire at Transnet’s warehouse. The South African railway company Transnet is currently under investigation in connection to the fire. Preliminary findings suggest negligence in maintaining the hydrants by the company.

28. Munk’s Mobula Rays Schooling

drone photography - Munk's Mobula Rays Schooling

Mark Carwardine submitted the “Munk’s Mobula Rays Schooling” photo to the Siena Drone Photo Awards in 2020. This captivating image showcases a phenomenon not often witnessed: a school of Devil Rays. These rays typically gather in tropical or coastal waters. Mark Carwardine, a British zoologist known for his BBC show “Last Chance to See,” captured this stunning moment.

29. Lovers On The Field

Lovers On The Field
Image Credit: ©Krzysztof Krawczyk/commons.wikimedia.or

Krzysztof Krawcyzk is the photographer behind “Lovers in a Field,” a poignant image featuring a newlywed couple lying in the middle of a field, adorned in their wedding attire. The photographer expressed his intention of “looking for some abstraction” and described the creative process involving a “boat, drone, and a lot of time” along with the couple as his subjects.

30. Homecoming

drone photography - Homecoming
Image Credit: ©Mehmet Aslan /

Mehmet Aslan received further acclaim with his award-winning photograph, “Homecoming,” recognized in the “Wildlife” categories of various competitions. This captivating image depicts a water buffalo herd passing by a foggy lake as they make their way to shelter for the night. The photograph beautifully captures the essence of the animals’ homecoming journey.

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