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Jade Small
September 20, 2023 ·  4 min read

20 Unnerving Photos Of Nature That Made Us Want To Stay Inside Forever

Nature is a formidable force at times. Do not be fooled by the peaceful view outside your window. At a closer look, there is a lot to make you never want to leave your home again. Here are 20 examples of terrifying photos of nature.

1. Fungus or Zombie Toes?

This terrifying photo of nature is an example of the remarkable formation of fungus. Better known as “dead man’s fingers,” it strikes fear in all who may catch a glimpse of it. For obvious reasons too.

Dead man's toes is actually a type of fungus
Image credit: Technical_Charge1781 / Via reddit.com

2. Not My Snake

This is many people’s worst nightmare. Imagine needing the toilet in the middle of the night. You enter the bathroom at night, and relieve yourself, only to hear a hissing noise coming from inside your toilet!

Nope Rope in your toilet
Image credit: u/_Internet_Random_ / Reddit

3. Photos of nature Showing How Brutal She Can Be

Humans tend to think ticks and fleas only target us and our livestock and pets. But photos of nature like this prove that idea wrong. This poor bee was been drained of its life force.

Tick infested bee
Image credit: u/Dikkezuenep / Reddit

4. Terrifying Tornadoes

This person took some terrifying photos of nature doing its thing. Here is a tornado that touched down close to their farm. They are dangerously close to being blown away.

Dangerously close to a tornado
image credit: u/ManicFirestorm / Reddit

5. Lamp post? Or Grim Reeper?

It’s photos of nature like this that make you doubt everything you know about your existence. This lamp post has vines that are extremely over grown. The transformation left it looking like the Grim Reeper himself.

Grim Reeper lamp post
Image credit: u/SolarisYob / Via reddit.com

6. Photos of Nature Working with Human Infrastructure

These bees did not care about the humans who may want to get some fresh air from time to time. They comfortably made their hive between their window and the shutters. No need to get fresh air when you can get fresh honey!

Bees made themselves at home
Image credit: u/Flaneur_7508 / Reddit

7. The Nope-Rope About to Strike!

This person picked up a snake, and the snake was not having it. They got this photo of nature right before it aimed a bit at his captive’s fingers. Snake, one; human, zero.

About to strike
Image credit: u/KnayChurXplr35 / Reddit

8. Photos of Nature Show Bleeding Trees

In the bid to save the trees from being chopped down, we present to you the Bloodwood Tree. Its sap is a blood-red color. It makes it look like the tree is bleeding when it is cut.

Bleeding tree
Image credit: u/Gf1zzle / Via reddit.com

9. Mothman Strikes Again

Some people have a deep fear of spiders. Then, there are some who fear moths with ten times more fury. From these photos of nature, we can see why.

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Moth-man is always watching
Image credit: u/zoworo / Reddit

10. Snowed In and Stranded

Those who live in remote areas that are prone to heavy snowfall will understand. Photos of nature like these show how much we depend on our ability to move around. When snow traps you in your house, the food must be rationed.

Snowed in, and can't get out
Image credit: u/dagoby / Reddit

11. Photos of nature growing weirdly

This is a scary example of how trees can take on various shapes. This one looks like it ate a baby. Kind of like the science fiction movie “Annihilation.”

Tree resembled a baby
Image credit: u/gogingerpower / Via reddit.com

12. More scary photos of nature

When your mom sends you into the attic to get the fancy dinner plates, this is what greets you. This scary photo of nature shows some bats making themselves at home. That’s it, we’re eating off paper plates tonight.

Bats in the attick
Image credit: u/jsreid / Reddit

13. This Tree is Not Possessed

In this photo of nature taking over a grave is quite terrifying. It can lead the mind to wonder. One might think the tree was possessed.

Possessed tree
Image credit: u/Humorbot5000 / Via reddit.com

14. Photos of Nature Errupting

This person was brave enough to capture photos of nature at its finest. An Icelandic volcano erupted very near their home. Hot lava was oozing scarily close to the people watching close by.

Photos of nature showing erupting volcanos
Image credit: u/Johanngunnar / Reddit

15. Careful Where You Step!

It’s all fun and games until you step on an alligator. This one is hidden in the mud. It’s waiting for it’s unsuspecting prey.

Expert at hide and seek
Image credit: Molly107 / Via reddit.com

16. Just… No

Photos of nature like this can make anyone arachnophobic. Even without any predisposition to irrational fear. However, there is nothing irrational about this terrifying image.

Arachnophobia in the making
Image credit: therra123 / Via reddit.com

17. Worms to Make You Squirm

In this photo of nature, we see something many people have no clue actually happens. These worms have formed clusters of wriggliness. It’s enough to get even the toughest person squirming in their seat.

Photos of nature being weird
Image credit: Photo: u/REDDIT_SUB_ADMIN / Reddit

18. Photos of Nature Storms

Storms wreak havoc on most parts of the world. We all imagine the sky turning grey, or almost black. But, that storm caused the sky to turn a green tinge. It’s enough to think the apocalypse is near.

Green stormy night sky
Image credit: u/SoDakZak / Reddit

19. All The Better to See You

This cat was born with a serious defect. Instead of the standard two eyes that mammals are born with. This kitty was blessed with a third.

Cat with three eyes
Image credit: u/miragen125 / Reddit

20. Photos of Nature… Or Just an illusion?

Here we see the power of perspective. This terrifying photo of nature is simply a tiny mosquito flying past the lens of a camera at just the right point in time.

Photos of nature and optical illusions
Image credit: u/ceeman77 / Via reddit.com

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