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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
October 31, 2022 ·  3 min read

Netflix documentary about infinity is blowing people’s minds

If you’re looking for a new series to kick back and scroll through your phone while it’s on in the background, this is not the series for you. Netflix’s new documentary series A Trip To Infinity is most definitely going to take you on, well, a trip. The documentary explores some very complex mathematics and the concept of infinity. Needless to say, it is blowing viewers’ minds, either because they find it incredibly interesting or they are simply struggling to grasp the ideas they are discussing. Either way, you’ll definitely need to put the phone down for this one.

Netflix’s A Trip To Infinity Is Blowing People’s Minds

This new series on Netflix is one that you will need to be alert and ready to pay close attention to while watching. Called A Trip To Infinity, the documentary features some pretty complex, difficult-to-comprehend concepts about math and infinity that are blowing viewers’ minds. It uses theoretical physics, math, cosmology, and philosophy to delve deeper into the concept of infinity. The producers have divided it into several chapters.

Each chapter explains different thought problems and experiments using interesting graphics and colors. The whole point is to try to determine whether we are actually capable of understanding infinity if it exists at all. (1)

A Trip To Infinity features a wonderful cast of mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers using their collective expertise to explore the complexities of the topic. They toggle between the mathematical construct of the concept of infinity as well as the philosophical side of it. Essentially it is trying to help us understand the possibility of something going on forever and ever without end. They also contemplate whether or not it is possible for a human being to experience endlessness.

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How They Illustrate The Mathematical Concept of Infinity

Illustrating these concepts in a documentary such as A Trip To Infinity is not an easy task to achieve. After all, these are ideas and concepts that don’t necessarily have proper illustrations. The creators had to figure out a way to explain these concepts in a way that was captivating, informative, and that didn’t oversimplify or talk down to the viewer. They used various illustrations and cartoons to demonstrate some of the concepts, such as “The Infinite Hotel” cartoon based on a thought experiment by 20th-century German mathematician David Hilbert.

The hotel is always occupied and yet has an infinite capacity to accommodate more guests. The hotel manager also has infinite time to prepare rooms. The cast each explains the concept of infinity in their own words, which provides more opportunities for the concept to be explained in a way that you might understand at least somewhat. They also use some psychedelic-type animations to explain certain concepts, however, these have been received with mixed reviews.

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Mixed Reviews Online

This kind of documentary is, naturally, not for everyone. It is certainly one that will make your head spin a bit, if you comprehend what they’re trying to explain at all. Online comments consist of most people saying that, in the end, they feel at least confused, if not completely lost. One twitter user wrote: “I just learned everything is nothing & WE NEED TO TALK.”

Another wrote “What it existentially means is that there is no infinity or am I tripping???”. Finally, one person put into words what we were pretty much all thinking: “I don’t have a goddamn clue what these folks are talking about in A Trip To Infinity.”. (2)

For those who do grasp the concepts, however, this documentary is incredibly interesting. Even if you don’t necessarily understand everything, if you have a curious and open mind, you’ll probably really enjoy it. “What a sensational documentary. I love mind bending, cerebral, thought-provoking, quality content. This checks all the boxes.” wrote one viewer. Others have called it “a truly interesting combination of philosophy and logic”.

Essentially, if you’re looking for something that will engage your mind, blow your mind, or leave you absolutely confused and questioning everything, well, then this documentary is for you.

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