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Novel Method Able to Predict if, When, Dementia Will Develop

Novel, noninvasive testing is able to predict dementia onset with 80% accuracy up to 9 years before clinical diagnosis. The results suggest resting-state functional MRI (rs-fMRI) could be used to identify a neural network signature of dementia risk early in the pathological course of the disease, an important advance as disease-modifying drugs such as those […]

 · 2 min read

Quantum Teleportation From Space Achieved by China!

The experiment broke the previous distance record by more than three times. When it comes to weird quantum effects, none is weirder than quantum teleportation. Scientists can—and have—used the unique and complicated physics of quantum mechanics to instantaneously teleport small particles across great distances. Now, a Chinese team has broken the distance record by teleporting particles […]

 · 1 min read

‘Rare’ cloud stretches for hundreds of kilometres across skies

A unique weather phenomenon stretched for hundreds of kilometres across the New South Wales coast today, fascinating onlookers. A long and rolling line of cloud was spotted by Sydney residents from Blacktown to Parramatta and covered the entire city by mid-afternoon. For about three hours, the cloud stretched for about 300 kilometres. The cloud was also visible […]

 · 3 min read

Mysterious Ancient Civilization Uncovered in Greek Farmer’s Backyard

The untouched Bronze Age tomb and the skeletons inside will hopefully provide archaeologists with information about the mysterious Minoan civilization. In an extraordinary example of being in the wrong place at the right time, a Greek farmer just made a startling archaeological discovery. A 3,400-year-old Minoan tomb was uncovered in an unnamed farmer’s olive grove […]

 · 2 min read

Meet the family on a mission to restore the desert ecosystem

For Bec West and Reece Pedler, it’s an overnight journey to buy groceries and a 350-kilometre round trip to take the kids to playgroup. But they wouldn’t have it any other way. More than 1000 kilometres from Sydney, in the north-west tip of NSW, stands the most remote dwelling in the state. Here, Dr Bec West and […]

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4000-year-old Greek hilltop site mystifies archaeologists

A big, round, 4000-year-old stone building discovered on a Cretan hilltop is puzzling archaeologists and threatening to disrupt a major airport project on the Greek tourist island. Greece’s Culture Ministry said Tuesday that the structure is a “unique and extremely interesting find” from Crete’s Minoan civilisation, famous for its sumptuous palaces, flamboyant art and enigmatic […]

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Daily use of popular mouthwash brand ‘could increase risk of cancer’

Could YOUR mouthwash cause cancer? Listerine Cool Mint may increase risk, experts find – and other brands pose a similar threat A scientist has claimed that a popular mouthwash brand ‘could increase risk of cancer’ as he issues a warning that ‘most people should not be using it.’  Experts from the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, […]

 · 4 min read

Study discovers ‘trigger gene’ in IBD as researchers look for drugs to prevent the bowel disease

Study discovers ‘trigger gene’ in IBD as researchers look for drugs to prevent the bowel disease Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) — which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis — affects around 3.1 million U.S. adults. The disease can cause debilitating symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, blood in the stool and more.  Now, researchers at the U.K.’s […]