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‘I was bullied for my big belly — but now I make $12K a month eating on camera’

From time to time, all of us have tried to figure out a way to make a little extra money. There are many options out there, but a lot of them seem too far out of reach for the general public. Some of us have realized that social media is not just a playground for amusement, but it can provide a stable income – if you know how to do it right. One woman, whose belly was once considered a ‘problem’, has taken advantage of it and made a business from doing what she loves best. That is eating food while filming herself. She posts the videos she makes on her Only Fans account and now makes $12,000 a month.

I used to struggle

Antonia Graham is a 25-year-old young woman living in Britain. The mother of three children has found her “dream job” and subsequently made her way through our news feeds. Recently, she was interviewed by the Daily Star about her line of work, where she described how the money came in pretty soon after she made her debut online. It is not the average job for sure, but she has found a way to make money out of something she was once bullied for. During the interview, she spoke about the headspace she was stuck in before she found her passion.

I used to struggle hugely,” said Antonia. “Last year I had a video go viral, it was just me making a joke about my weight and it reached millions of people. In the comments, someone suggested I should check out eating on camera and from there, I was sucked into the world of feederism.”

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For those who don’t know, “feederism,” is a kind of fetish. According to a case report series from the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, “feederism is described as a “fetish subculture in which individuals eroticize weight gain and feeding. Feeders are individuals who claim to become sexually aroused by feeding their partners and encouraging them to gain weight.” (3)

She may have once been bullied for her belly, and made to feel ashamed by her appearance. However, it is clear that she has conquered those insecurities by the way she bears her midriff. Many girls would admire her confidence.

What Antonia Eats

In her interview, Antonia described what she generally eats while she’s on camera. “I eat mostly fast food like McDonald’s and KFC and usually enough to feed a family in one sitting,” she admitted. “I eat around 3,000 calories in a meal.”

She went on to explain how she charges for the videos. It seems that she accepts requests for her to eat certain meals. “I charge $12 per minute for a custom video and I only work Mondays and Fridays. But, I do have the luxury of skipping often”. This is not such a bad deal. Considering most 9-5 jobs require a lot more of your time and often pay less than what she’s earning. She added: “As I only work when I need money I earn below $12,000 a month. Whereas, some people in the business earn over $36,000 a month.

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