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Brazilian Woman Spends Over $700,000 On 20 Surgeries To Look Like Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians, particularly Kim Kardashian, have a pretty popular fanbase. The ratings that Keeping Up With The Kardashians got stand as a testament to that. Their fans usually try to imitate their idol’s iconic photoshoots. But few go to the lengths that Brazilian Jennifer Pamplona has gone.

For the majority of the fans, Kim Kardashian’s artificially sculpted body is the highlight. As such, Pamplona has spent more than a decade “designing” hers. Pamplona has spent more than $700,000 on more than 20 cosmetic surgeries[1].

Pamplona’s journey started when she was only 17 years old. At that young age, she had her first breast augmentation. She would, later on, have two more.

The Journey Of The Kim Kardashian Lookalike

Perhaps the highlight in Pamplona’s journey to look like Kim Kardashian would be when she received 9 surgeries within a day. She had done this immediately after her boyfriend’s death who had wanted Pamplona to follow this line.

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As such, it has not been an easy road by any means. Of course, her sculpted looks have contributed to her online popularity and a blooming business. However, her health has suffered because of them.


During one of her buttocks augmentation surgeries, her doctor did not put her on anesthetics. She recalls: “My pressure went down and I thought I was going to die. It was very bad.

However, Pamplona’s heart has not swayed because of the complications. In fact, she has no regrets about the alterations either. Some of the alterations she has done so far include removing four ribs, a facelift, a nose job, having four pints of fats added to her buttocks, and more. Pamplona hopes to undergo more surgeries in order to better resemble Kim Kardashian.

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Pamplona’s Wishes For The Future

In an interview with the Daily Mail UK, she explained that she feels happy with her current body:


After all my surgery and procedures I’m pretty happy, sometimes I think all the money I spent could be in my bank account but at the same time I’m so happy. I have spent a lot of money, but I feel very confident with myself and have the power to make more money because of my looks.

She is also a promising entrepreneur, drawing inspiration from Kim Kardashian’s success as a businesswoman. Pamplona has a chocolate and perfume line to her name.


Her looks are not just about looking as “sexy” as Kim Kardashian. Pamplona also hopes to show other women that looking attractive and being a successful business mind can go hand in hand.


She said: “This is part of the reasoning behind why I like Kim Kardashian so much, she’s really beautiful, very sexy, very smart and a savvy business woman. I want to show myself and others that I’m a confident woman but can still go to meetings and because I’m a business woman. A woman can stay sexy and beautiful, while still being great with business.

Finally, now that KUWTK is over, Pamplona believes this is her time to be in the spotlight. All the best from us! There’s no harm in wanting to look beautiful to send a message.

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