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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
February 3, 2021 ·  3 min read

Bill Gates Speaks Out About ‘Evil Conspiracies’ On Him And Coronavirus Vaccine

Conspiracy theories are nothing new – people have been spinning and spouting them since the beginning of time. The invention of the internet made it even easier for these messages to be spread worldwide in a matter of minutes. Few conspiracy theories have gone global, quite like those surrounding tech billionaire Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the COVID-19 pandemic. (1)

Finally, Gates has spoken out about these malicious online theories.

Bill Gates Speaks Out Against COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

Since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, conspiracy theories of how it started, who caused it, and whether it is real have circulated the world. None of them have been more prevalent than those against Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci. (1)

In a recent interview with Reuters, Gates remarked that he is truly surprised by the millions of posts online about his role in the pandemic. (1)

“Nobody would have predicted that I and Dr. Fauci would be so prominent in these really evil theories,” said Bill Gates. “I’m very surprised by that. I hope it goes away.” (1)

Most of the theories about Gates, Fauci, and the vaccine revolve around (2):

  • Bill Gates created the virus in a lab as a means of population control.
  • He created the virus to then create a vaccine to both profit off of and also implant microchips in people

Gates is now speaking out, saying that these theories are simply not true. (1)

Bill Gates Says These “Crazy Conspiracy Theories” Are Entirely False

In a 2015 TED Talk in Vancouver, Canada, Bill Gates said:

“if anything kills over 10 million people over the next few decades, it is likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than war.” (3)

Four years later, when the COVID-19 virus spread around the world, people found that clip and took hold of it. From there, theories spun out of control that Bill Gates created the virus in a lab with the intent to depopulate the planet and microchip those who are left under the guise of a life-saving vaccine. There are groups of people worldwide who believe that Gates and Fauci want to both control people and profit off of them in one fell swoop. (3)

The tech billionaire is baffled by the rumors, especially considering the amount of money – $1.7 billion to be exact – that he and his wife Melinda’s foundation has donated to pandemic relief so far. He put that money towards testing, possible treatments, and of course, vaccines. (1)

A Lesson Learned

Gates says that the spread of these harmful rumors circulated far quicker than even the virus itself – which is an eye-opener for governments and organizations. 

“The presence of social media plus a pandemic is a combination that has never been tried before,” said Bill Gates. (4)

Not only do they need to focus on public education, but they also themselves need to understand better how these rumors start and how to counteract them.

“We’re really going to have to get educated about this over the next year and understand .. how does it change peoples’ behaviour and how should we have minimized this?” (1)

None of the conspiracies against Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci have proven to be true. However, world leaders and health organizations have plenty of work to reverse the damage these dangerous rumors have already done. (3)

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