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Former Boat Builder Sculpts Breathtaking Wooden Bathtubs

When most people think of bathtubs, even luxury ones, they tend to think of modern white, porcelain baths. There’s a new gorgeous trend of wooden bathtubs that are so beautiful they will make you forget all about those boring traditional ones.

In the old days, and I mean way way back, people used to bathe in wooden objects, like barrels. Then, society advanced towards metals, and eventually porcelain and fiberglass became the norm. Thanks to an imaginative boat builder, we may be heading back towards wooden bathtubs. However, it is in the best way possible- no barrels here.

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NK Woodworking

Wooden Bathtubs Designed by a Boatbuilder

Seattle-based artist Nathie Katzoff always felt a natural attraction to space and dimensions and creating something magical within them. At one point, he wanted to sail around the world (who hasn’t, right?) and enrolled in boat-building school. That is where he learned most of the helpful techniques that brought his artistic creations to the forefront of luxury furniture and wooden bathtubs in today’s market.


“I fell in love with the actual boat-building process itself, and that led to an even bigger journey of my future through the art and craft more than the exploration itself,” Katzoff told IconicLife. “Wood comes from the Earth, and if it is harvested and treated appropriately, it will last forever. We use FSC-certified hardwoods and have done lots of recycling and reclaiming of local trees for much of our work.

Nathie Katzoff- IconicLife.com

In a world where everything seems to be rushed, and no consideration is made towards the impact on the environment, it’s nice to see a company making the right choices. Sustainable and eco-friendly is the way forward!


Gorgeous Wooden Bathtubs

The Lotus Bath Collection is what brought NK Woodwork into the spotlight. Katzoff treats and finishes the wooden bathtubs as you would a luxury yacht and makes them heat resistant as well. These artistic baths are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can suit them to blend in with any decor imaginable. If you want one of these gorgeous pieces in your home, you are going to spend a pretty penny. Each wooden bathtub takes between 3 to 4 months to build and is sourced from ecologically sound methods. Rough estimates range from $30,000 and up, but it’s worth the money if you are into high-quality artful items.


The Luna Bath

curved, wooden bathtub
NK Woodwork

This is the traditional shape for most luxury baths. Called a “soaking bath” it allows for the person using it to be completely supported while fully submersed.


The Cube Bath

rectangle, wood, bath
NK Woodwork

Imagine a nice warm bubble bath filled to the brim with bubbles in this.


The Round Bath

round, wooden, bathtub, woman
NK Woodwork

I’m not trying to be dramatic here, but if I had this bathtub, I probably would never leave.


Custom Wooden Bathtubs Also Available

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NK Woodwork

If you are interested in finding out more information about these incredible bathtubs, you should head over to Nathie Katzoff’s website. There, you will see even more of their gorgeous craftsmanship. Bathtubs aren’t the only thing they build and create. Katzoff also builds staircases, tables, benches, doors, and more.


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