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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
March 23, 2024 ·  4 min read

Diner disgusted after finding a full chicken head in her box of KFC hot wings

A diner at KFC is horrified to find a fried chicken head among her hot wings. The diner, who identified herself as Gabrielle from the UK, shared a picture on Instagram of the head, including a beak and closed eyes. She gave KFC a two-star review after the experience, writing,

“I found a fried chicken head in my hot wing meal, put me off the rest, ugh.”

Many people wondered what needed to happen for her to give a one-star review. Meanwhile, others joked that a fried chicken head still technically counts as fried chicken. But KFC called it “probably the most generous 2-star review ever”. 

Finding a Chicken Head Among KFC Hot Wings

The company stated that they were “genuinely surprised by this photo. Baffled, even”.

“It’s a shocker,” said a statement by KFC. “So as soon as we saw it, we got together with Just Eat and investigated. Put simply – we serve real chicken. And we’re proud of that. We put really strict checks in place with our suppliers and partners, before our teams prepare everything carefully in our restaurants.” 

The company continued, saying “that even the best-laid plans can – on rare occasions – go awry. And this is an incredibly rare one.They added they are taking the matter seriously to prevent it from happening again.”

Image Credit: Takeaway Trauma | Instagram

The statement concluded that they had reached out to Gabrielle to apologize and give her free KFC food.

We’ve also invited her and her family to come down so she can meet our team, see our kitchen processes for herself and feel confident next time she orders from us.”

They added that no restaurant wants to end up on the Takeaway Trauma Twitter page, which is full of horror food stories that’ll take away anyone’s appetite. [1]

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More Fast Food Horror Shows

Speaking of which, if you’re eating, you should probably stop before you continue reading. You have been warned. Here are a few other horrific fast-food discoveries.

A Bloody Bandaid in the Crust

In 2011, Ken Wieczerza of Ballston Lakes, New York, decided to enjoy a slice of leftover pizza from Pizza Hut. The slice was cold but it was rather firm and rubbery. He spat out the food and discovered a bloody bandaid was baked into the crust. He brought his allegations to Pizza Hut but the chain didn’t respond, which is why he went public with his story. Wieczerza feared developing a blood-borne illness from the unfortunate meal. [2]

A Secret Ingredient: Meth

In 2015, Fed Maldonado bought a burger and milkshake from In-N-Out for dinner. However, when he woke up, he saw a napkin and two capsules in his empty milkshake cup. When he complained to the manager of In-N-Out, he got a free burger. But testing showed the capsules contained methamphetamine. Maldano sued the company for his experience of nausea and mental distress from consuming the milkshake but the In-N-Out disregarded the suit as “baseless claims”. [3]

The Heart of a Chicken

The chicken head wasn’t the first time KFC was in hot water. Another customer allegedly received a breaded chicken heart with his meal. He shared a photo of the dish on Facebook for KFC Australia along with, “Uhh KFC can you explain to me why in the world I would be getting what looks like a chicken heart in my food?” He had gone back into the restaurant and got a refund from the manager. 

When Insider reached out to KFC about this incident, the chain stated that they apologize for the experience “but rest assured it’s not a health issue. Our chicken is hand-prepared and cooked fresh, but occasionally mistakes happen and organs are not removed when they should have been.” In addition to the refund, they reminded their team to be more careful.

As Dead as a Mouse

One Oregon customer reportedly found a dead, wet mouse in his Subway sandwich in October 2015. He took a picture and complained to the equally shocked manager.

As soon as the customer alerted the owner about what happened, they were immediately given a full refund and an investigation was launched,” stated a Subway spokesperson. “To be cautious, all of the products in the sandwich unit were disposed of and a thorough cleaning took place, in which the Health Department gave the restaurant a clean bill of health. There were no other complaints made.”

A Severed Human Finger

In May 2012, a teenage customer allegedly discovered a gory piece of a human finger inside his sandwich from Arby’s. It’s like a scene from a horror movie but it was dubbed an “isolated and unfortunate accident”. The employee working at that time had tried to hide an injury with the meat slicer. Arby’s sent signed apology letters to the teenager and his family, who chose not to press charges against the company. [4]

So, will you be going to your favorite fast-food restaurant anytime soon? Have any experiences of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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