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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 21, 2023 ·  2 min read

KFC employee sets internet ablaze with behind-the-scenes food prep video: ‘I wish I never saw this’

When it comes to fast food like KFC or McDonald’s, we rarely think about how it’s made. Most of us assume the process would be similar to how we would make our own meals at home. However, thanks to social media and trending apps, we can finally learn the truth.

In 2020 a TikTok video about KFC went viral. So, what’s the big deal, you ask? Well, the video shows how one KFC restaurant makes their gravy. After watching the video, many were left disgusted, while others were impressed.

TikTok Video Shows All

The most famously delicious aspect of any KFC menu is its unique gravy. After all, no other restaurant can duplicate the flavor or consistency exactly. So, what’s their secret? It turns out, you may not want to know. However, user @cheddar4.7 decided to share the process with those who were curious.

KFC TikTok
cheddar4.7 – TikTok

The video has been viewed by nearly 600,000 people and liked over 55k times. In it, you can see water being added to a dark brown glob, called ‘crackling.’ Unless you grew up in a household where cooking from scratch happened a lot, you might not know what crackling is.

This is not poop, it’s called crackling (chicken bits that come off while in the fryer and goes to the bottom and then its placed in the fridge).”

Text in TikTok video

Following that, flour is added to the concoction and heated up. So, that’s it. However, it has left many people unsettled after viewing the process.



As with most viral stories, the internet is divided. Some people were shocked and outraged by the way gravy is made at KFC, while others were impressed. Yes, some folks were noticeably pleased with how this gravy was made. Why? Well, it’s how their grandparents made gravy too, just minus the microwave. So, let’s see what people have said.

I worked as a manager at KFC for 8 years and that was not how we made gravy. It was just the bag of gravy powder and water.

Soli Salazar

I worked at KFC when I was 16. This was not at all how our gravy was made. Much like the potatoes, it was a dry powder.


There is actually nothing wrong with the way this is made. The extra chicken bits are all flavor. And the dry mix is a seasoned flour.


Other comments noted the difference in regions too. So, KFC gravy in the USA is made differently than the gravy in the UK. What are your thoughts? Are you impressed by the KFC methods, or are you a little grossed out?

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