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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
May 11, 2024 ·  4 min read

Woman Chokes Lover to Death During Sex — Then Dismembers Him: Police

Green Bay, Wisconsin, police received a call about one of the most horrific murders they have ever seen. A young woman choked her boyfriend to death during a drug-fueled sex session. Once he died, however, she didn’t stop there. She then proceeded to decapitate and dismember the body, dispersing the parts so that the police had to go on a twisted scavenger hunt to find them.

Woman Chokes Lover To Death During Sex, Then Dismembers His Body

Taylor Schabusiness
Taylor Schabusiness was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault. Image Credit: Green Bay Police Department

At around 3:25 am on February 23, a woman called the police because of a gruesome discovery she made in her home. She’d gone downstairs to check a light that had been left on when she found her 25-year-old son’s decapitated head in a bucket. The police arrived on the scene to also find that his “male organ” was also in the bucket. They also found dried blood on a mattress in the home. (1)

The police received a tip that the last person the victim was with was a 24-year-old woman named Taylor D. Schabusiness. They went to her home, where they found her also covered in dried blood. The police then searched Schabusiness’s home, her van, and also the victim’s mother’s home. In the van, in a crockpot, they found “additional body parts including legs”. In the home, they found a tote bag with the victim’s torso. They also found a bag with body fluids and the knives used to do the crime. (2)

Taylor Schabusiness
Taylor Schabusiness | Facebook

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What Exactly Happened

At first, when the police asked Schabusiness, she responded by saying “That is a good question”. She later elaborated more. The woman explained that she and the victim had been together the entire day smoking meth. When they arrived at the victim’s home, where he lives with his mother, they began having sex, and they decided to incorporate chains. She began using the chains to choke the victim, at which point she says she sort of “blacked out” and began strangling him. (3)

The woman says that she did not intend to kill the young man but she was enjoying the choking so much that she didn’t stop. After the victim died, she then said she performed various sex acts with his body. Then at some point, using knives she found in the kitchen, she dismembered his body.

Green Bay Police outside the crime scene. Image Credit: WBAY-TV

Why The Parts Were Scattered

Schabusiness told police that her original plan was to take all the body parts with her but then she got lazy. She then reportedly told police that they were going to have ‘fun’ looking for all the body parts. The police report is as follows:

“Schabusiness responded that the police were going to have fun trying to find all of the organs as she dismembered the body. Schabusiness stated all of the body parts should be in the basement. Schabusiness stated there should be a foot or a leg in the minivan. Detective Graf asked Schabusiness what she did with the head, and Schabusiness stated she had put the Victim’s head in a black bucket and put a blanket over it.”

It continues:

“Schabusiness stated she used knives that she obtained from the kitchen of the residence and that a bread knife worked the best because of the serrated blade. Schabusiness stated the knives should be in a black bag along with the body parts in the basement. Schabusiness indicated that she would use whatever bags she found in the basement to place the body parts into. Schabusiness made the comment that at one point, she did get paranoid and lazy and that she thought it was the ‘dope’ that was making her paranoid. Schabusiness stated the plan was for her to bring all of the body parts with her but she got lazy and only ended up putting the leg/foot in the van and she forgot the head,”

The victim’s name has not been released for privacy reasons. Schabusiness had apparently been on probation seven weeks prior and was supposed to be wearing an electronic tracking bracelet. Somehow, she managed to take it off and was not wearing it when she committed the crime. The court has charged her with 1st Degree Intentional Homicide, Mutilating a Corpse, and 3rd Degree Sexual Assault. A court commissioner set her bond at $2 million. She is due back in court later this month.

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