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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 17, 2024 ·  3 min read

Christian Influencer Warns That Masturbation Is ‘Witchcraft’ And Creates Generational Curses

Everyone’s social media news feeds are blowing up right now. A recent video posted in November by a Christian influencer has gone viral. She made a hilarious comment about masturbation… and how it is a form of witchcraft. Yes, You read that right, witchcraft. The best part is humans have done what they do best and found the hilarious side of the situation.

Image credit: TikTok

Christian influencer made the center of jokes this December

December truly is a jolly time of year. This year it is especially so, what with all the great content to make hilarious jokes with. Or, at least, that is what many social media users are doing this festive season. Their inspiration came from a video posted by a Christian influencer and TikTok user, Sierrascribner.

In the video, Sierra preaches about masturbation, calling it a “form of witchcraft.” Yes, she means the kind of witchcraft that involves magic. It’s no secret that Christians and others find masturbation taboo. But, hearing it given in a sermon over TikTok has triggered the funny bone in many other social media users. They have taken her words and twisted them hilariously. Since it was posted, it has been viewed 843,100 times and liked 52.1 thousand times.

In her words:

In the video, Sierra, the Christian influencer jumps right to the point, with no introduction to ease into the chosen topic. Firstly, she makes a grand statement that masturbation is a form of witchcraft. She says: “Masturbation is a form of witchcraft. Not anyone is realizing that this is a demonic attack it’s a form of witchcraft. Masturbation is a form of control.”

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She said that by masturbating, we are cursing ourselves and our children. “You understand you are literally controlling an orgasm, you’re controlling your own pleasure, that is witchcraft,” she said. “That is a curse that you begin to place over your own life that will then literally bleed into your future children’s life. This means that this will become a generational curse that you started or that your parents started that will now go to the next generation, it is witchcraft.”

Then, the Christian influencer said that masturbation is an immoral act, one of the many she has “canceled” from her life. “I cancel the assignment of wet dreams, I cancel the assignment of having orgasms in my dreams,” she said. “I cancel the assignment of masturbation, I cancel the assignment of sexual immorality over my life. So, you got to bind the enemy, in the name of Jesus we break all masturbation and witchcraft off your life now.”

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Saved by the bell

Thankfully, we have some research on our side. The American Sexual Health Association has mentioned that masturbation is actually good for us. This directly contradicts the Christian influencer’s sermon. In the name, of science and all that is pleasurable, humanity thanks you. They said: “It’s okay, even healthy, to masturbate regularly. Orgasm not only relieves stress it also boosts the immune system and burns calories. Indulge in whichever solitary sexual behaviors bring the most pleasure. It’s up to you to choose how or if you reach orgasm. There are no rules, no ‘right ways’ to achieve sexual pleasure as long as there’s no danger to your or anyone else.

Comments about Christian influencer

The comments section went crazy for a while, and many of them were a rather profound play on words. Not long after her video went viral, Sierra the Christian influencer turned off the comments. Many people were disappointed by this fact, but that didn’t mean the shared videos couldn’t be enjoyed.

Image credit: TikTok

One person made a joke about apologizing to her grandkids one day. They said: “Controlling your own pleasure is witchcraft and causes a generational curse? Man, I guess I shouldn’t have eaten those peanut M&Ms earlier. Probably need to remember to apologize to my grandkids for that, whenever they come along.”

Another user made poked fun at men, saying they must have a very large coven of witches to belong to. “I would say that the majority of men would be members of a vast coven,” they joked. Lastly, someone said: “With her logic…. We would all be cursed. And if everyone is cursed, is anyone really cursed?”

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