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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
March 28, 2024 ·  4 min read

“It’s just art”: Couple with most body modifications record

Gabriela Peralta and Victor Hugo Peralta have won the Guinness World Record for “couple with most body modifications”. The married couple has a total of 84 tattoos and body modifications, as verified in 2014 on the set of the Show Dei Record in Milan, Italy. At that point, they had 50 piercings, 14 body implants, 8 microdermals, 5 dental implants, 4 ear expanders, 2 ear bolts, and 1 forked tongue. But the couple had continued to get tattoos and body modifications since that verification. Today, they surpass 98; one noticeable addition are tattoos on their scleras, making their eyes look completely black.

The Couple With the Most Body Modifications

The Peralta’s been together for 24 years and married for 14. Because of their unique appearance, they have been called the cherubs from hell”. Gabriela and Victor initially met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at a motorcycle event. While Gabriela is from Argentina, Victor came from Uruguay. They clicked instantly and shared their passion for body ink and modifications. [1]

In 2009, Victor had his first modification: the stars on his forehead. Gabriela loved how it looked and pursued her own modifications. “The modification I like most about Victor are the star-shaped silicone implants he has on his forehead — actually, I like all the modifications he has on his forehead,” she said to Guiness.

The couple considers their body modifications symbols of artistic freedom and expression. They are proud of their beliefs and lifestyle, and they’re not afraid of standing out. “For me, being a Guinness World Records holder is a prize that life gives me for the love of body art, and I am very grateful because this record helped me achieve one of my big dreams: traveling to 20 countries, getting to know different cultures, and making new friendships around the world,” said Victor.

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Their Favorite Modifications

According to Gabriela, her three scarifications were the most painful of all of her modifications, but they are also among her favorite features. She also especially likes the implants on her forehead and hands, the tattoos on her eyes, and the points in her ears. Meanwhile, Victor’s most painful tattoo was at the end of his penis, but that was nothing compared to the splitting and pigmentation of his tongue, which caused breathing difficulties for several hours. 

However, the tongue modification is among his favorites, along with his eye tattoos, earlobe expansions, the cartilage cuts in his ear, and the stars on his forehead. “And all of me,” he laughed in a video interview with Guinness. Victor sports another extreme modification in the form of the number 6 carved into his scalp. 

The Peraltas live on a farm with over 50 animals and claim that their body modifications don’t get in the way of daily life, since they don’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. Victor is a tattoo artist and his body displays the work of over 80 artists from around the world. At age 13, he inked his first tattoo himself, the F bomb on the fingers of his left hand. 

Despite all of the body modifications, Victor doesn’t wear as many piercings. He once got his scrotum pierced but now he only wears piercings on his septum, nipple, and ears. “These days I do not have so many piercings,” he said. “I had around 40 on my face a long time ago, but my favorite was the septum.”

“It’s Just Art”

The Peralta’s believe that their successful marriage is due to their shared love of art, tattoos, body modifications, and of course, their utmost respect and commitment to each other. Although body art unites them, their love for each other unites them even more. “Enjoy life, enjoy the art,” said Victor. “Tattoos don’t make you a good or bad person — it’s just art. There will be those who appreciate it and others who don’t.” [2]

Image credit: Guinness World Records

The couple says their families are accepting of their looks, but regardless, Gabriela and Victor never asked for permission. Overall, the Peraltas receive a lot of hate for their appearance. “There are many people who do not agree with this style of life and criticize me for not understanding the taste of others,” said Victor. “But I don’t pay attention to them. I am unique, I do not want to look like anyone. They are my ideas and designs executed by friends.” 

Gabriela plans to have another scarification on her neck, although she hadn’t decided the design yet. Victor also plans to continue getting body modifications. “I will do everything to be a lot prettier,” he said. “As a child, I was really ugly but today I am beautiful.”

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