The Rugged Cybertruck Shuts Down After Going Through Carwash
Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 19, 2024 ·  3 min read

The Rugged Cybertruck Shuts Down After Going Through Carwash

The Tesla Cybertruck, a vehicle that promised revolutionary design and durability, has encountered a surprising hurdle: the car wash. A recent incident involving a Cybertruck owner has cast doubt on the truck’s resilience and exposed potential software issues.

From Beach to Breakdown

A TikTok user,, documented his experience with his Cybertruck. After a fun day at the beach with his dogs, he took his truck to a car wash to remove the sand. However, upon parking in his garage, the central console screen, crucial for operating the vehicle, went dark and unresponsive. Panic set in as attempts to reboot the system, following Tesla’s guidelines, resulted in a concerning electrical pop and no sign of life.

The situation seemed bleak, but a glimmer of hope emerged. After filing a service ticket with Tesla, the owner discovered the next morning that the truck had miraculously revived itself. A call from Tesla confirmed the culprit: a software bug. Apparently, the intended two-minute screen reset took a staggering five hours to complete, leaving the truck incapacitated for half the night.

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The Manual’s Quirks

This incident highlights a few peculiarities in Cybertruck’s user manual. The existence of a “Car Wash Mode” itself raises questions. Why would a futuristic truck require a specific setting for a seemingly mundane task? Another curious warning advises against washing the vehicle in direct sunlight. These instructions leave owners scratching their heads and wondering about the Cybertruck’s true capabilities.

Tesla Cybertruck

The car wash fiasco isn’t the only concern plaguing the Cybertruck. Reports of rust forming on the stainless steel exterior cast doubt on its advertised corrosion resistance. The manual itself acknowledges the lack of a clear coat, potentially contributing to the issue. Additionally, a recent off-roading incident resulted in a broken Cybertruck, raising questions about its overall toughness.

Elon Musk, the visionary behind Tesla, has seen his latest creation face a series of setbacks. The Cybertruck, once touted as “literally bulletproof,” now struggles with car washes and software bugs. To add insult to injury, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently recalled all Cybertrucks due to faulty accelerator pedals.

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Cybertruck: A Washout or a Work in Progress?

The Cybertruck’s car wash woes haven’t just left stranded. Disgruntled owners have taken to online forums to express their frustration. Many feel the car’s quirks and vulnerabilities don’t justify its hefty price tag. This sentiment, coupled with the recent recall, could erode consumer confidence and potentially impact Tesla’s stock price.

The Cybertruck’s struggles raise a broader discussion about the future of vehicles. As car manufacturers embrace advanced technology and computerization, are we sacrificing reliability for innovation? The Cybertruck’s dependence on software updates and specific wash routines suggests a departure from the traditional, low-maintenance car.

This shift might not sit well with all consumers. Some may value a vehicle that prioritizes simplicity and resilience over cutting-edge features. Tesla must carefully navigate this balance, ensuring the Cybertruck caters to a market seeking both technological advancement and dependability.

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