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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
January 24, 2023 ·  3 min read

Why Do Many Young Women Prefer To Date Older Men?

Dating someone in a different age group isn’t uncommon. In fact, it was so normal that once upon a time, young girls were pledged to be married to much older men, often widowers. They were expected to have children with the man and help him continue his lineage. Today, there are great debates about age gaps and possible predators. However, even with all the warnings, some women still choose to date older men.

Societal Misconceptions

You may wonder, if there are billions of people on the planet, why do some women tend to date older men? We know of many possible reasons, such as so called “daddy issues.” Much like everything, there are exceptions to the rule. This means that although experts have done the research, there is bound to be a small percentage of women dating older men to appease their “daddy issues.” There’s also an overlap in one common theory that proves partly to be true.

Science Explains

According to Wendy L. Patrick, J.D., Ph.D. on Psychology Today, when questioned about their relationships, younger women dating older men responded with several reasons, including financial security. Many assume younger women are dating older men to be spoiled or taken care of financially. While there is some truth in women dating older men for their money, the reality is that these young women aren’t responsible for supporting their significant other, which plays a much higher role. Not only do these women have a promise of financial security, but they also have peace of mind knowing they won’t become financially responsible for someone else.

Benefits of Dating Older Men

Another common explanation that’s been given is maturity. Many women mature faster than their male counterparts. Some is due to hormones, while some is it due to the expectations society places on women. Dating older men allows women to not only feel a sense of stability but it also tells them they may not have to worry about someone playing games with them.

Older men are more likely to be exactly what they seem to be, honest and forthcoming about their intentions and expectations. Meanwhile, younger men still believe that telling a woman what she wants to hear gives them a possible leg up. Dating older men also allows women an opportunity to advance their careers.

Many women get a reputation for “sleeping their way to the top.” However, the reason for this is actually more complex. Women dating older men can often be given guidance or advice from their more mature partners, who have spent more time in the world, and thereby have more life experience to share. They are wiser and more knowledgeable, meaning they can help women in ways that younger men can’t.

Furthermore, they may have friends or connections within the desired industry. Those connections can help these younger women gain an inside perspective. Furthermore, giving them the knowledge of what steps are necessary to get where they want professionally.

A Deeper Connection

Researchers determined that evolutionary and social reasons might lead younger women to date older men. The paper explains that studies have shown that men and women with these relationship dynamics are often just as compatible as, if not more, than “age-appropriate” relationships. The couples participating in the research process had many things in common. Some similarities were their common interests and perspectives. Moreover, they also shared similar desires in life, such as having kids vs. not.

In conclusion, society spends an awful lot of time judging others for the choices they make. However, when two people find happiness with one another that happiness should be celebrated. After all, life is challenging for everyone, and there’s nothing better than having someone with whom, to share those difficulties.

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