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Jade Small
Jade Small
January 13, 2024 ·  4 min read

Survey shows older women are now dating younger men. Here’s why.

In the past, women had to marry a man to survive because they were not allowed to own assets. This meant that the richer the man, the better your life was, and this usually meant marrying an older man. This is probably where the stigma stemmed, where it was frowned upon for a woman to marry, or date, a younger man. Thankfully, this seems to be coming to an end. Because more and more women are choosing younger partners. As we have evolved, so has the world of dating.

Women are more independent

It has been noticed more and more in recent years that women are more open to dating men younger than themselves. One survey showed an astounding 81% of women would get into a relationship with someone 10 years their junior. In the same regard, 90% of men would date someone 10 years their senior. This would surely open up a lot more options, as you are not restricting yourself as much.

According to another survey by the University of Michigan, 31% of women aged 65 to 70 are very happy with their sex lives and are still sexually active. While it seems these women have partners of varying ages, many are on the younger side. According to a poll, 34% of older women are dating younger men.

Anchor, Maria Shriver invited relationship expert, Julia Spira onto the Today Show to chat about the dating phenomenon. She explained that she had noticed the increase in women dating younger than themselves for a while now. She says it is because women have more freedom in their lives. Additionally, they are more in control over their own finances, being able to work for their own salaries.

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“He’s a better communicator than me”

“Women are now going to be dating like men,” she said. “These days, women have the economic power, they’ve got great careers. So, they aren’t necessarily looking for somebody to be their equal on a bank statement.” Shriver also called upon thee different couples. The one thing they all had in common was that the woman was older than their male counterparts. They spoke about their experiences with dating. And, how they preferred this to what was once thought of as conventional dating.

One of the couples was Laquelle Mills and Malik Rashid. Laquelle is six years older than Malik, but she loves his ability to communicate. “I definitely think he’s a better communicator than me. I think this generation, I believe that they’re more fearless. They’re able to say how they feel in that moment, handle it and move forth,” said Laquelle. Thankfully, Malik is not deterred by the fact that she makes so much money. “I’m not concerned with my woman making more money than me at all,” said Malik.

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“I saw her confidence”

The second couple Shriver spoke with was Tracy Tutor who is 46 years old, and Erik Anderson, who is 26. You might recognize Erik from his TV show, “Million Dollar Listing LA”. Their 20-year difference is not enough to deter these two. Erik asked Tracy out, and he explained his reasoning to Maria. “The younger girls, they really don’t know what they want, and they’re kind of lost. And then I feel lost. And then, I saw her confidence and I was so attracted by just how she works really hard for what she wants.”

“I like the idea of you, but not really”

Julia explained her reasoning: “Until I met Erik, I went out with a ton of men who were attracted innately to the fact that I was confident, successful. Until we were alone. And then it was, like, ‘Oh, I don’t want you to have too much of an opinion,’ right? Like, I like the idea of you, but not really.”

The last couple was Theresa Gage and Colin Willard. Theresa is 16 years older than Collin, but they are deeply in love. “The younger generation of men see that being a good partner (means) making sure your woman’s fulfilled emotionally and mentally and physically,” said Collin.

Why Do Older Women Want Younger Partners?

Of course, the appeal of a younger partner has it’s physical attributes, but what are the other reasons older women would choose a much younger partner? Here’s a list of some of the reasons:

  1. An older woman may feel that their years of sexual experience will enable her to mold a younger partner to her needs.
  2. Men their own age often have neglected their health, making a younger partner far more appealing for a fit and energetic older lady.
  3. Often, men their own age are already married or simply not interested in dating again, so a younger boyfriend could be the answer.
  4. Some older women enjoy the sense of control they feel when dating younger men, of course, finances come into play.
  5. The self-esteem and ego of an older woman is often stroked by a younger male counterpart.
  6. Younger men are more carefree, making them far more fun to partner up with.

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