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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
December 12, 2023 ·  4 min read

Doctor Determines Perfect Prescriptions For Stage 4 Cancer: With Functional Profiling, His Results Are ‘Stunning’

Receiving a stage 4 cancer diagnosis is a nightmare-come-true. It’s a situation that few ever expect to be in themselves, and that offers very little hope. A Los Angeles doctor has figured out a way to determine the exact right prescription an individual with stage 4 cancer needs in order to beat the disease. It worked for this woman, and now she wants everyone to know about it. (1)

Doctor Discovers Way To Determine Stage 4 Cancer-Winning Prescriptions

Martha Lewis was a 50-year-old mother of four when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She was given three to six months to live and no real options for treatment. (1)

Not ready to give up, she began researching her options online. That’s when she found Dr. Robert Nagourney, an oncologist in Los Angeles, California. He uses a new technique he developed called ‘functional profiling.’ This technique tests how a patient’s tumors will respond to various drugs and treatments in a lab setting before applying them to the actual patient. (2)

How Functional Profiling Works

Essentially, Dr. Nagourney learns how to kill that specific patient’s tumor in the lab first, before then killing it in their body. Not only does the patient not waste time, money, and their strength on treatments that don’t work, but they can also successfully beat stage 4 cancer. (2)

They apply different FDA-approved drugs and treatments to the tumors, then create a treatment plan for the patient based on cell biology rather than genomics. (2)

Maria went to LA for initial testing. She had tumors on her breast, kidney, and lymph nodes. After Dr. Nagourney had her samples, she went back home to Utah to wait for his results. Once he completed the testing, she went back to LA to receive the specific chemotherapy treatments using the exact right drugs that worked against her cancer cells in the lab setting. (1)

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Even with Stage 4 Cancer, The Treatment Worked

Three weeks after her first chemotherapy session, she could no longer feel the tumor on her breast. Another three weeks later, her tumors were gone. Overjoyed with the success of the treatment, she couldn’t help but share it with others. (1)

Her neighbor told her about a friend of hers in St. Louis who’d received an equally as grim stage 4 cancer diagnosis named Shellie Chrum. Maria called her immediately to tell her about Dr. Nagourney. (1)

The two women quickly became long-distance best friends, while Maria supported Shellie through her cancer journey. (1)

“Although we have never met in person, we have spoken on the phone for many hours,” Maria told the Good News Network (GNN). “Having had a life-threatening cancer diagnosis myself, and having been blessed with the results that I have had, I want to shout it from the rooftops so that everyone can hear and learn from my experience with Dr. Nagourney’s functional profiling test.” (1)

A Tricky Cancer to Beat

Shellie’s stage 4 cacner cancer was tough. She had an aggressive form of breast cancer that spread to her bones, lungs, and spine. Dr. Nagourney quickly figured out how to remove the breast cancer, but her bones and lungs’ tumors were much more difficult. (1)

He discovered a combination of four drugs that no breast cancer patient had ever received before. After two cycles of the drug combination, Shellie’s scan results came back better than even Dr. Nagourney could have predicted. (1)

“Stunning,” he said to GNN. “and consistent with a complete or near-complete response to therapy”. (1)

The best part? Shellie had little to no side effects: No hair loss, bone marrow damage, or anything else significant. A few mouth sores from one of the treatments were all she had to show for being completely in-remission. (1)

“What we have learned, however, is that the careful selection of all these active drugs, the substitution of one drug for another, and the intelligent combination of pathway inhibitors can provide unheard of activity with little or no toxicity,” Dr. Nagourney told GNN. (1)

Other Labs Are Catching On

Laboratories worldwide are beginning to use similar methods to the one that Dr. Nagourney is using in his clinic. With the studies he has done testing treatment outcomes for more than 2500 cancers, it’s no wonder why. (1)

Having successfully completed over 10,000 patient studies, using this method patients who receive the right drugs for them have a 2.04 times higher chance of responding positively. (1)

The Cost

The current cost of a panel is $4,950. (1) This include (1):

  • Drug analysis
  • Discussion of the findings
  • An outline of the treatment protocol for that patient’s physician.

This costs less than tumor DNA testing, which doesn’t come with the prescription. Of course, the cost of drugs and treatment follow the prescription. (1)

Low-income patients may be able to have the cost covered by applying to the Vanguard Cancer Foundation. (1)

Thanks to Dr. Nagourney, even with stage 4 cancer, Maria and Shellie are still alive today. Hopefully, his method will become increasingly mainstream, and hundreds of thousands more people will beat cancer just like the two of them did.

For more information, visit the Nagourney Cancer Institute.

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